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2008 San Diego Breast Cancer 3-Day Day 2 Pictures

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mom has blisters. Actually, she has five. Today is going to be tough. But I know she can do it.

Passing out gum, mints and baby wipes.

Some people are so clever with their tent decorations and team names. This is the Boobs Farm Whinery. There were two bottles of Boone's wrapped in pink on the ground.

The Remembrance Tent. One small tent for each city that hosts the walk. The San Diego tent is showcased in the larger tent along with photos of people who have recently passed and journals to leave a message to a loved one.

This woman has raised more money total for Komen than any other walker (click to her website, I don't want to give it away but prepare to have your socks knocked off). She gets to sleep in a special tricked out tent sponsored by New Balance.

Overheard: "I'm fine as long as I keep moving."

"If I stop now every muscle in my body will freeze up. I won't even be able to smile."

This is part of Main Street. There is a post office, store for buying merchandise, a tent for bingo, free foot massages and samples.

The walkers come through this area lined with flags as they finish for the day and head into camp. Other walkers stay to cheer them in, there's loud, upbeat music and bottled waters.

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2008 San Diego Breast Cancer 3-Day Day 1 Pictures

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My mom rocked it yesterday! She was already eating lunch by the time I headed down to La Jolla. Cross you fingers that her hot spots don't turn into blisters today.

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Honoring: Breast Cancer Angels

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Tanya Woolridge- Best friend to @WhimsiGal
Sherry Quaranta- Aunt to Tera Stephens

Honoring: Breast Cancer Fighters


Allison Gresham Estabrook- friend to Lisa

Andrea Revell- My son's kindergarten teacher. Currently in chemo round three of five after double mastectomy over the summer.

Yadisa Disla- Friend to Courtney and going through chemo while in law school. You go, girl!

Honoring: Breast Cancer Survivors


Betsy Ellington- mom to Sara and a 5-year survivor Michelle Sybert- 3-year survivor Evangelina Barajas - Grandma to Marina
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