Fun With Space Mountain Pt 3 | Wordless Wednesday

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Disneyland March 2011

Let the Countown Begin

Monday, August 1, 2011

Morning Mom!

I'm hungry, can I have breakfast?

What are we going to do today?

Can I watch TV?


Can I have someone over to play?

Can I go to someone's house to play?

Is it lunch time yet?

Can I have a snack?



I'm bored.

Can we go to the bookstore?

Can you buy me this?

Can I have a smoothie?

Do I have hockey today?

Can we go to the ice rink?

What day is it?

What time is it?


Can we go to the park?

It's hot!

Can we go to the pool?

Did you bring snacks?

Hey, mom?


I need more toilet paper!

When is Dad going to be home?

Can I play the Wii?

Is it dinner time yet?

Can I have a snack?


The first day of school is in 22 days, 22 hours, 34 minutes and counting...
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