Liar, Liar Pants on Fire | Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Scene: Mother is seated on the couch in the living room reading a book. Father and Son are downstairs on the computer. Mother can hear their conversation.

Son: Dad, how old are you going to be tomorrow?

Father: I'll be 34.

Mother hears this and goes into the kitchen, pulling the fire extinguisher from underneath the cabinet. She hurries downstairs and runs into the office.

Father: What are you doing?

Mother: Here, I thought you might need this.

Father: [taking the extinguisher] Why?

Mother: To put out your pant legs.

[Father looks confused]

Father: What are you talking about?

Mother: I figured your pants were going to combust over that whopper you just told our son about your age.

[Father, still slow on the uptake, continues to look confused]

Mother: Didn't you just tell our son you're turning 34?

Father: [laughing because he's finally caught on] Actually, I told him I'm going to be 24.

Mother: That's even worse! I got here just in time.

Happy Birthday, honey. I love you!

Shopping Apps for Saving Money | Frugal Friday

Friday, December 9, 2011

I am so unprepared for Christmas! I have no idea what we're going to get for everyone. I originally thought of photo books, but I don't think I have enough really good pictures from this past year to build one. So, I'm heading out today to wander Target, TJ Maxx and my other favorite stores.

I put a new app on my phone today to test while I'm at Target. Amazon launched their PriceCheck app in hopes of cashing in on shoppers looking for last minute deals.

How it works: when you see an item you'd like to buy; scan it, take a picture, speak the name or type the item name into the app and enter the price listed at the store. Other prices will come up to let you see whether you're getting the best deal. If you put the item in your Amazon shopping cart and end up buying it within 24 hours, you'll get a discount.

I like the idea of this. It's always nice to know if an item is cheaper at another store. But, unless you're an Amazon Prime member, there's still shipping costs to deal with. I'll scan a few items and update with how I like the app.

Other shopping apps I use to help save money:
Michaels (offers digital coupons)
Card Star (to organize all my store cards)
Target (digital coupons)
Shop Kick (digital coupons)

Am I missing any other good money saving apps?
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