Three Things on Tuesday

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I should wait and post Three Things on Thursday (I love alliteration) but oh well. This is going to be a busy week. I'm going to resort to bullets:

1. I participated in a focus group yesterday for HP that was so interesting! I can't talk about the product but if they are able to pull this off it will be really sweet. It's nice to see a company who wants to make technology for moms actually include moms in the development! Before the product and advertising are complete! (This is my addition to the online furor over the Motrin ad on Twitter)

2. Drama Dad got a raise!! It's not a giant one, basically cost of living but with companies shutting down and layoffs everywhere we are SO grateful and I am so thankful he has such a great job with a great company.

3. I met with one of my favorite bloggers yesterday. I was nervous because my hair appointment isn't until next month, I haven't had a mani/pedi since my weekend in Florida and I have a zit on my cheek. But, I had so much fun! Even waiting in line at the bank. Her daughter is just as cute and sweet as I new she'd be. Thanks so much for hanging out with me Casey (Laural too!). Even if I did take you to a substandard park (Indside joke, you had to be there).


  1. Awesome news on the raise!! A blessing indeed.

  2. Okay, first I must admit that I love alliteration, too. So I said the title "Tree Tings Tuesday" to satisfy that weird alliteration need. It was like scratching an itch, it felt so good. But I kind of sounded like Miss Cleo, at least in my head, because hello? I didn't say that mess out loud. Or at least there's no one here who can rat me out if I had said it out loud.

    ANYway, CONGRATS to Drama Dad!! That's so fabulous!

    And? I'm jealous of 1 and 3.


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