Happy 90210 Day!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I was a college freshman when Beverly Hills 90210 was in it's heyday. I lived in a dorm on the SDSU campus. There was always a fight over the common room TV on the nights 90210 and Melrose Place were on. It ended up becoming a Girls vs. Boys TV War. Someone would stake out the common room earlier and earlier to claim the TV. Sometimes we won, sometime they did.

It got so ugly that our RA finally stepped in and created a weekly TV schedule. He printed it on poster sized paper and hung it between the pool and foosbal tables. Oh the cheers when the girls were victorious! Thursday night was ours!

But the boys did not go down without a fight. Thursday nights became the perfect night for foosball tournaments, never ending games of pool and other forms of loud, frat boy behavior. They developed a knack for being their most obnoxious right before someone on the show was about to be kissed, killed or make some kind of monumental confession. We were pissed! No amount of shushing, cajoling, offers to bake cookies and, if I remember correctly, do laundry could get them to respect the TV Schedule. They were ruining our night and enjoying every minute of it.

Luckily, my parents came to my rescue. I asked for a TV and VCR for Christmas and I got both! I came back from Christmas break and surprised my friends.We were back in business. But, we didn't want everyone to know. Thursday night was strictly for me, my roommate, our friends and a chosen few. We'd pass each other in the hallways or meet in the bathroom and whisper, "are you watching tonight?" like we were planning something illegal. There would usually be about 10 of us crowded onto the beds and on the floor to watch the happenings at The Peach Pit and the Beverly Hills Beach Club. The scent of popcorn would usually bring a few strays.

Having something to look forward to and people to share it with made my freshman year a lot less awkward. Thursday nights were for pajamas, friends and laughter. 

Where were you during Beverly Hills 90210's glory years?

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  1. My high school years went along with the kids in 90210. You just aged me a bazillion years and brought back some teen angst...


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