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My 40 Before 40 List (Sort of)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I've been sitting on this post for so long, it's almost irrelevant. I started my 40 Before 40 list and have been stuck at thirty for about two months. I'm not sure what that says about me. Either I don't have a lot of ambition or I feel pretty satisfied with the things I've accomplished so far.

'40 Motel' photo (c) 2008, Columbus Neon - license:

In no particular order, here is my incomplete 40 Before 40 list:

1. Learn how to use my camera
2. Take a really good picture
3. Have a reason to need a passport
4. Go away for the weekend with my husband
5. Go away for the weekend with just the girls
6. Learn a new computer program like Adobe Elements
7. Define my business goals and make a business plan
8. Earn enough money through the business to hire a cleaning service
9. Take Tyler to the Midwest meet his extended family  
10. Renew my wedding vows
11. Be on TV more, I really enjoy the news segments I've done
12. Be a guest on a podcast or other online show
13. Learn how to do the smokey eye
14. Own at least one pair of fabulous designer shoes
15. Define my "style" and start to shop accordingly
16. Take a photography class
17. Have a spa day with my mom and Gramma
18. Have a Girls Only day at Disneyland
19. Do something that really scares me
20. Attend CES, Blog World or other non "mom" conference
21. Buy another lens or other piece of camera equipment
22. Go to a taping of the Ellen Show
23. See all the movies up for an Oscar before Oscar night
24. Go to an Oakland Raider game in Oakland
25. Have a grocery trip where I buy at least $200 worth for less than $30
26. Pay off my credit card
27. See Air Force One in person and/or meet the President
28. Do a 3 Day walk in another city
29. Own at least one fantastic handbag
30. Spend a day at the beach riding my dream bike, the Karma by Electra

And that's where my inspiration stops. Do you have a bucket list post? Link to it below so I can possibly steal some of your ideas.
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