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Disney's The Princess and the Frog

Monday, August 10, 2009

I can't remember whose blog post I was reading, but the gist was that any blogger who has been invited on a "mommy getaway" is automatically going to say great things about the company or brand. I disagreed (naturally). One of the reasons I've appreciated the relationship I have with Disney is because they really do "get it." They want our feedback, be it praise or criticism.

A few weeks ago, Phil and I went to see the new Harry Potter while Tyler was at a birthday party. The trailer for The Princess and the Frog came on and I couldn't help a little "yes!" and a fist pump. I've seen the trailer before, but watching it on the big screen made it a little more real.

When I went to Disney World
last year, Princess Tiana was definitely the elephant in the room for awhile. I'm not sure the Disney execs were quite prepared for the discussion. The button was definitely hot! But everyone gave their opinion respectfully and in the end, I think both sides walked away with something.

Not having a daughter I didn't weigh in too much. But, as a adult who didn't have many black dolls to play with as a child, I'm conflicted. On the one hand it's great to finally be able to say, "wonderful, a character that little girls of color can identify with!" but there's also the "what the hell took you so long?!"

We didn't have enough time to really dig into the issue but I would have liked to. The part of the conversation I'm most interested in is the
why. Why did it take so long to get a black princess in the stores and on the screen? What were the obstacles? What was the feedback in preliminary screenings? I want to be angry (and a little jealous) that I didn't really get to have a princess experience when I was a kid. But, at the same time, how exciting it will be to go to the Disney store and see the Princess Tiana dolls and costumes at Halloween! 

I did say to the execs that Disney does a great job with their own stories (Monster's Inc, Cars, etc.) so why wait so long to feature an African American character in a feature? I also think they need to add more colors to the crayon box in their network programming. I don't think Hannah Montana or Alex Russo have any black girlfriends (unless I missed something). 

I will definitely be going to see Princess and the Frog in the theater. Sadly, the biggest way I can show Disney how important this is to me (and hopefully others in the African American community) is with my wallet.

Second Disney Mom Blogger Mixer

Friday, October 17, 2008

I can't believe it's been more than a week since I was a few short hours from touching down in Orlando. To say the trip was an amazing whirlwind would be an understatement. Same for first class. And inspiring. And enlightening. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I landed early evening on Friday and had just enough time to change for the welcome cocktail hour and dinner. How nice it was to have a room all to myself! We met a few of the Disney executives and Maria Bailey of BSM Media. We had drinks and appetizers then it was off to The Animal Kingdom Lodge to see the amazing collection of African artifacts and have dinner with two Disney chefs at Jiko.

After dinner a few of us went dancing at a club on the Boardwalk. Saturday we started bright and early (7:45) with breakfast and Q&A session with more executives to share our perceptions of Disney and what they hoped to gain by having us there. After breakfast we went to The Magic Kingdom for a few rides, and then on to Hollywood Studios for the parade, lunch at The Brown Derby with two Disney Imagineers, more rides and shopping.

Then back to the hotel for a little down time before it was time to break out my new fake eyelashes and get ready for dinner at Epcot Center. And when I say I could go on and on about how amazing the food, wine and entertainment were at the Party of the Senses, I mean rave for days! I had a chicken paprikash with roasted cauliflower dish that, seriously, I don't think I'll ever forget. And the chocolate cake with salted caramel sauce! TO. DIE. FOR. I wish I had pictures but my ancient brick of a camera wouldn't fit into my cute little handbag. This is a little taste.

After the tasting we watched the fireworks show then back to the hotel. We went dancing and met the rockin'- est grandma ever! I only hope I have her energy when I'm using the senior discount. Even though my feet were killing me, I wasn't ready to call it a night so when the idea to go to another club came up I was all for it. Thank you to Patrick Ewing for letting us finish your vodka and cranberry juice!

Sunday we started with a trip to the Animal Kingdom to see The Festival of the Lion King. Then off to The House of Blues for Gospel Brunch. I have not been to church in awhile but I was so moved by the music I got tears in my eyes.

After brunch we had a second discussion with the execs to give our feedback from the weekend. It is so refreshing to know that a company as big (huge! vast!) as Disney would see the need to reach out to a particular community and actually see it through. I appreciate what they are trying to achieve and hope the weekend gave them enough insight going forward to be successful in their campaign.

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More giant thank you's go to: Jennifer, Michelle, Super Sarah (someone give this woman a raise!), Annette, Laura (congratulations on becoming a cast member!), Ximora, Carol, Leanne, Rialys, Lara, Christian,Mark, Diego, Sybil and I'm sure I've forgotten someone but thank you all so much!
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