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Shopping at Target for Boys | Fashion Haul Friday {Vlog}

Friday, April 29, 2011

For this Fashion Haul I went back to Target. Tyler had a substantial growth spurt and we needed to look for summer clothes. If my dress looks familiar that's because it's from my last Fashion Friday.

If you have boys, where do you have the most luck in finding clothes 
you both can live with?

Dresses and Wedges for Spring | Fashion Friday

Friday, March 4, 2011

Disclaimer: Please ignore my hair, lack of make up or pedicure and focus on the dress and shoes. :D

You wouldn't know it by my almost daily uniform of jeans, but I'm really girly. I love, love, love dresses and skirts. They always seem to 'come back' in style as the must wear look for spring or summer. What I'm seeing in my magazines under spring trends are dresses and wedges, which is a look that totally works for me since I'm short.

I love the fun pattern and great colors in this dress. They're both definitely me. If I had any skills with a sewing machine, I'd make the dress more fitted at the waist so it fell in an A line. I debated pairing it with black wedges, but that didn't feel very spring like.

The dress is from Target but I'm not sure I'll keep it because of the fit. At only $15, it's a great deal and I can see wearing it instead of capris. What do you think, is it too 'maternity' for me?
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