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My Handsome Little Man

Monday, July 7, 2008

Laurie from Tip Junkie is hosting a 20 Day Giveaway in honor of her 1 Year Blogversary. She asked that I post about three of my favorite things. Which shows she doesn't know me very well at all. I am the queen of indecisive. I can't choose just one of anything as my favorite. It's virtually impossible for me.

Choose just one pair of my shoes as the "all-time, best ever, if I hadn't bought them I'd die pair of shoes"? Well, that would be almost all of them.

Choose just one of my purses as the "I could carry this one every day because it's so cute and goes with everything"? Again, I could apply that title to one of several.

And if I were to choose just one of anything, ask me again tomorrow and I'll have chosen something different. Because I'm in a different mood, or because today I'm into flats, or I'm wearing blue or it's Wednesday (tomorrow is Tuesday but you get my point).

Anyway, I'm hopeless at choosing anything as my favorite, except for when it comes to my son. He's my favorite. And I tell him so all the time.

So here are three of my favorite "so freakin' cute they make me smile every time" baby pictures of Drama Kid.

(4 months)

(4 months)

(9 months)

*Update for 7/8: Head over to Laurie's to enter my giveaway, a $10 gift card to Regal Entertainment Group (Regal Cinema, UA Cinema and Edwards Theaters). Just leave a comment with which of these photos is your favorite. There will be a different prize tomorrow (Day 6). Hurry! Your odds are still really good!

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