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I'm Going on a Date! *UPDATE*

Thursday, May 22, 2008

With my hubby of course. He took today and tomorrow off so he can have a 5-day weekend! We're headed out shortly to see the new Indiana Jones, which I will definitely come back and tell you about.

Then, we're going to Ikea (we live about 40 minutes from it so getting there is an event in itself!) then to lunch and a quick stop on the military base.

I also have my first book club meeting tonight. We're discussing Naked by David Sedaris. I hope these ladies are nice and fun, not bookish and boring!



So, I can't give my opinion of the movie without spoiling it, so I will quote my husband:
"They deviated from the formula. They didn't need to, it's already a successful franchise. All they need is a religious artifact and Nazis."
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