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Sometimes Children Should be Not Seen and Not Heard

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

For instance at Dream Dinners [Warning: judgements ahead]. I love going to Dream Dinners. It's definitely "me" time. They have good music, samples from next month's menu's and I can have a coffee or tea while I chat with the other meal preppers.

I don't think anyone would argue that places like Dream Dinners, the nail salon or the hair salon** are places parents (99% being moms) go to get away from their children.

So why would I possibly want to be surrounded by yours?! Leave them AT HOME!

My mom was generous enough to take me to Dream Dinners when we visited two weeks ago. We thought we were in for a relaxing morning. Nuh-uh.

Now, the kids in question weren't being bad (that would have pushed me over the edge!) but they were there. Period. In my way. BAREFOOT around my food!

The owner spoke up and said, "uh-oh, I see a pair of shoes here!" in a jokey, sing-song way and the shoes stayed on for the rest of No Sitter Mom's visit. But they shouldn't have come off in the first place.

The kids were pulling chairs up to the stations and telling their endless, no point to them kid stories (you know the ones: "and then, and then") to the staff, who were trying to be polite, but hello! I need more chicken breasts over here!

And then there was the other mom who brought her older daughter along for some bonding time. Normally, I would have no problem with this. I hope Drama Kid develops a love for all things culinary.

However, (you knew there had to be one) this mom daughter pair treated each meal as a piece of art. At the stuffed shells, the daughter used the squeeze bottle to oh so caaaare-fully make perfect pesto circles on top of each shell.

Then, each shell needed exaaaaaaaaa-tly 12 pieces of shredded mozzarella arranged in a mound built to specifications known only to her but designed for optimum melting.

Grrrr! It's not rocket science it's ricotta! The poor woman next to them waiting to finish her smaller portion was dancing and weaving like a boxer darting between the pair to grab her ingredients. Then Shoeless Joe pulled up chair right next to her without so much as an "excuse me" then left it there to go back to his coloring.

Seriously? Was there not one, neighbor available to help with the kids for two hours? Another mom? A relative?

Yes, she could have been a single mom. Yes, the sitter could have backed out at the last minute. Extenuating circumstances blah blah blah.

And don't even get me started on the wailing 9-day old newborn. Poor thing was obviously not in the mood for chicken paella.

There have been plenty of occasions where I would have loved to get a mani pedi, see a movie or leisurely sip a latte. But my kid was with me so I didn't. And the one time I did have to bring him to the salon? Not a peep. Because I bribed him with fast food and brought the DVD player.

Maybe my beef is not so much with the kids, but the parents. Tell them to use their manners. Tell them to be patient. Tell them to use their inside voices.

And if you know you have to bring them along to the Typically Kid Free Place? For goodness sakes plan ahead. Snacks, drinks, a movie, books, coloring, the kitchen sink. Anything to keep them quietly occupied (read: not bothering the rest of us). Thank you in advance and let the games begin!

**Full disclosure: I took Drama Kid to the salon for my 8-week hair appointment. Which happened to fall on Drama Dad's Reserve weekend. Which I can't cancel because my stylist is crazy busy. I have to book my next two appointments while I'm at the current one or I'm hosed. Anyone with ethnic hair knows where I'm coming from. The roots cannot wait!add to kirtsy
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