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Sometimes I Miss Having a Landlord

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When we bought our house, I had grand visions of being able to take the fixer, put our stamp on it and turn it into a reflection of our personalities. I had the idea that we'd be able to steadily take the ugly canvas the previous owners gave us and create a space we both love and want to share with others. 

I thought by now, we'd have made it through all the upstairs rooms and we'd have this great place to relax and entertain. Not so much. In the almost four years we've lived here we've only been able to do the kitchen, and even that isn't all the way done (Phil would want to me to make sure you know that the incompleteness of the kitchen is all my fault). 

It shouldn't surprise me then, that the things that were falling apart when we bought our place aren't holding up over time. I don't know why I assumed something that was already broken wouldn't get more so after years of use. Case in point, our downstairs toilets. They suck. They've only got one job to do and they can't handle it. They're constantly overflowing and backing up. The plunger has become another bathroom accessory. A few days ago, the flush chain thing (which is how I would ask for it at Home Depot) in Tyler's bathroom broke for the second time. 

At this point, we think we should just get another toilet. We didn't want to replace it until we were ready to remodel the bathroom, but who knows how many more years will go by before that happens! So, I'm researching potties. In the interim, we have to keep the toilet usable for Tyler. If he wakes up the night it's easier for him to use his own bathroom rather than go upstairs and I definitely don't want him waking us to use ours. The solution? Hand flushing. 

If by some wacky coincidence the other two bathrooms in the house are occupied I'll hold it until my eyes turn yellow rather than stick my arm in the back of the toilet to lift the rubber stopper, but I think Tyler actually gets a kick out of it. Once we told him it was clean water back there he didn't seem to mind, but I do. It's bad enough all the toilet seats are almost always up but now I have to look into the tank, too. I don't think it could possible get anymore ghetto than this! Hopefully I won't have to live with it like this for too much longer. 

Have any of you had to replace a toilet recently and can recommend a model? Preferably self cleaning, mildew resistant, stain and smell resistant with an auto lower seat and lid? 
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