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Music Soothes: Living With the Decision Not to Have Another Baby

Monday, March 1, 2010

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I love music. I get it from my dad. He's a big music buff used to have the reel to reel or record player going all the time, mostly with Motown. I love how, in an instant, a song can hit you in the gut and take you somewhere, even if it's to a place you don't want to be. Sade's new CD, Soldier of Love, and the Babyfather single has been on repeat in my iTunes lately. The lyrics made me cry a few days ago, reminding me of a sacrifice we made that still hurts every now and then.

I’m stunned
In a daze
He had the whole street set ablaze
It’s only love they say
Makes you feel this way

Our decision not to have another baby was several years in the making. We didn't make it lightly (who does?) and it's one I'm still struggling with. Sometimes, like on our trip to Orlando, I'm fine with it. Smug even. Watching other parents struggle to fold up their strollers to get them on the shuttles, the giant diaper bags, dodging strollers in the parks or getting hit in the back of the heels by one all gave me a sense of relief that those days are behind me. Three cheers for having a kid who can wipe his own butt, tie his shoes, carry his own jacket and stand in lines until almost midnight so we can ride Space Mountain two times in a row.

But other times, knowing we're not going to have another takes the wind right out of my sails. All the babies at Blissdom, the pregnant moms in my feed reader, the man at the park embracing his pregnant wife from behind, both with their hands on her stomach. Woosh!

She liked his eyes she wanted more
The baby gonna have your smile for sure
He saw a lovely girl
Smelling sweet and soapy like fresh air
She saw him looking acted like she didn’t care

I know Tyler would be an awesome big brother. At the end of his daycare days, he was one of the oldest kids there. The woman running the program would tell  me stories of Tyler trying to cheer up the younger kids when they were crying and offering to help with snack time. When Bossy and I were walking Chicago after BlogHer, I told her about the time last summer when I watched Tyler sit on the curb outside our house. He had his elbows on his knees and his chin in his hands. He sat there for almost 10 minutes, scanning the street, hoping some other kid would walk by and they could play together. I cried telling Bossy that story. I told her I felt like I took something away from him and he had no say in it.

And Phil is such a great dad. I'm a typical Daddy's Little Girl. I have the type of relationship with my dad that often made my mom jealous. It was the blind adoration that did it. I feel the same way sometimes when Tyler will say, "I miss Dad" when I pick him up from school or the way he runs to greet Phil at the door when I can barely get a hello sometimes. I totally get where she was coming from. Even though there's no guarantee we'd have a girl, the thought of Phil and little girl together makes me all warm and gooshy on the inside. I know he'd love to have his own Daddy's Little Girl too.

Even to the angels it may sound like a lie
For you child
He was the troops and extra backup standing by
For you child
For you he’s the best he can be
For you child
For you he’s the best he can be
Oh child don’t you know
Your daddy love come with a lifetime guarantee

All of this has me so conflicted. Add the grief I get from my mom now and then and it's even harder. I'm not sure how much longer it will take for me to be at peace with the decision, or if I ever will. But, I can always listen to music. It really does soothe the soul.

What music is moving you lately?

The giveaway: I have another copy of Soldier of Love for you. I'm so glad Sade is back on the music scene. This is a great CD.

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For Your Listening Pleasure

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I LOVE these guys. One of my best friends from high school does PR for Venice and is one of the founders of their non-profit project, Artist for the Arts. AFTA partners the Venice boys with corporate sponsors, musicians and schools.

All the money from ticket sales goes to keeping arts programs in schools, which is so important because those programs are almost always the first to be cut when school's are facing budget issues (and aren't they always?!)

I have yet to make it one of the benefits but the next show on the 27th is in my hometown. I can visit my mom, see a great show and deduct it on my taxes.

*wheels are turning*
This is one of my
favorite Venice songs.

Friday Funky

Friday, September 5, 2008

The kids are back in school, back on a routine and it's Friday! I don't know about you but that makes me want to do a happy dance! Have a good weekend!

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Dance Party Friday

Friday, August 29, 2008

Anyone remember Dance Party USA? I used to watch it religiously. I would call my friend and we'd watch together over the phone. Ahh, memories. Happy Friday and have a great holiday weekend!

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A Little Funk for Your Friday

Friday, August 22, 2008

A few songs to put a wiggle in your butt, bob to your head and bounce in your step. Happy Friday and have a good weekend! (Sorry for any earworms!)

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Brain Cells Not Firing

Monday, August 18, 2008

Because I have absolutely nothing interesting to say, here's what I put on my iPod today. If you have any 'shake that booty' music to add, please leave it in the comments. I love having great music in my playlist for my walking or housecleaning!

Thanks to Moosh In Indy, San Diego Momma, Single Working Mommy and Modern Single Momma!

Weekend Events for 7/25 - 7/27

Friday, July 25, 2008

Woo Hoo! We're almost into August, the start of the school year is getting closer and closer!

Jazz on the Green at the Four Seasons Resort Aviara tonight. 6pm

TGIF Jazz in the Park at Poinsettia Park tonight 6-8pm

Gnarls Barkley performs in the infield after the last race at Del Mar 7/26

Los Lonely Boys and Los Lobos at Viejas 7/26

Taste of Fallbrook today on Mountain Avenue. Sample food from 28 local restaurants.

Cheesecake Factory restaurants are offering cheesecake slices for $1.50 next Wednesday 7/30 in celebration of their 30th anniversary and National Cheesecake Day (dine in only- bummer!)

Micro Brew Festival at Del Mar 7/26 (Gnarls Barkley performing, admission $6)

Outdoor Movie Night at San Elijo Hills' public square. 8pm (7/26 and 7/28)

The X Files I Want to Believe and Step Brothers both open today

Author Amy Wallen will be signing copies of her novel, Moon Pies and Movie Stars at The Ink Spot tonight at 6:30 (has anyone read it?)

Phantom of the Opera at Broadway San Diego ends on August 10th.
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