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Say Hola! to My New Fave

Friday, November 7, 2008

Given a choice between a bowl of vanilla bean ice cream and mango sherbet, unless I'm PMS'ing I will almost always go for the sorbet. So when I won a sherbet party from Hola Fruta I was beside myself.

The day the boxes
arrived I wanted to grab a spoon and hunker down on the couch but since the five cartons (uh huh, FIVE) were shipped on dry ice they had to temper (fancy word for thaw a little) in the freezer overnight.

I invited our neighbors over for the tasting using the mardi gras beads and invitations that came in the party kit but they weren't able to come for two whole days and I figured it would be tacky and rude to serve sherbet with
giant scoops little divets missing so I waited. I hate waiting. And every time I opened the freezer there they were:

Hola Mango! Hola Peach! And Ole Margarita! And hi to the steaks. Wednesday took forever and day to come but finally I got to set out all the cartons and spoons, scoopers and bowls and we got our sherbet on!

Can I tell you how good this sherbet is? It's not icy or grainy but smooth like an ice cream. We let the kids taste as many flavors as they wanted. Drama Kid was in heaven because he rarely gets dessert at home let alone as many scoops as he wanted.

General consensus was the Mango rocks the house but they're all really good. I have a quart and half left and I'm so sad because I have yet to see Hola Fruta in my stores and the giant stack of coupons they gave me are going unused. Sigh.

What about you? Sherbet or ice cream? What's your flavor of choice?

*The Hola Fruta people didn't ask me to post about this.

It's Here!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I won a Sherbert Party from Elle's New England Kitchen and it arrived today. I promised Drama Kid I wouldn't open it until he got home but I forgot it's a martial arts day! Grr. Now I have to wait and patience isn't one of my better traits. I'll post pictures of us sampling all the flavors (and trying to fit five cartons of sherbert in my freezer!).
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