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I'm Only A Little Whiny

Thursday, November 6, 2008

About a month ago, our adopted soldier asked that instead of sending care packages to him, could I ask my friends and family to gather shoes that he and his unit could distribute to the Iraqi children.

In his email he said that so many of the children don't have any shoes and their feet are cracked, bloody and infected.
That about broke my heart into thousands of little pieces and I sent a message to family and friends asking if, rather than taking their kids' gently used shoes to Goodwill, they could give them to me.

also sent a message to a local radio station, to Ellen, my neighbor's school and my son's school. I sent a pair of Drama Kids' hardly worn sandals as a "test" pair to see if they would be well received since they're not brand new. Sgt. said the people in the villages are rather proud. When he got the package he said they were perfect and he'd let me know once he'd given them out.

I have about 20 pairs of shoes in my garage right now, but I really hoped I'd get a better response from the schools. I've been
bummed and mopey and disappointed that I haven't been more successful at the ONE thing Sgt. has asked of me. Then I got an email today that lifted me out of my funk a little.

This is the kind of stuff we don't see enough of on the news. I'm happy someone was successful. I've tried but can't pick out my son's pair. Knowing they are there and will go to a child in need makes me smile.

On a side note, several people have asked how to get involved with adopting a soldier. I received two emails recently from Adopt A US Soldier and for the first time in years there is a surplus of soldiers waiting to be adopted. The weather in Iraq is about to change and fleece blankets, hats and gloves are on the soldiers' most wanted list.
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