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San Diego Staycation: Maritime Museum

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This past Saturday Tyler and I spent the afternoon in San Diego. We don't go down there as much as we should. Usually, anything south of the merge is too far for me to do on a regular basis (locals will get that insider joke). But, every time we go down I remember how much I love my city and how much we have to do here. I need to make more of an effort at being a tourist in my own city. There's so much Tyler has never seen.

We went down to Spanish Landing because we were invited for a preview of a new exhibit. The Maritime Museum of San Diego is constructing a replica of the San Salvador. I've never taken Tyler to the Cabrillo Monument so this was his first time learning that part of San Diego's history. 

When he heard that black pepper was worth more than gold he said he wanted to invent a time traveler to take the pepper mill we have back to those days and then we can be rich. Kids.

We watched a blacksmith demonstration, sails being sewn together and the framing of the ship. Tyler even got to hammer his initials onto a board that will go on the back of the ship. When it sets sail, he'll be a part of it.

After Spanish Landing we spent some time at Seaport Village and in the Gaslmap. We had a good time. It was a good day and another successful Camp Mom* outing.

How are you keeping your kids entertained over summer break? 
Have you done any Staycating in your city?

*Thank you to the Maritime Museum for letting us attend and to Stacey for the term Camp Mom.

A Vacation is Having Nothing To Do and All Day To Do It In- Robert Orben

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Drama House is away for a long weekend (thanks scheduled posting!). We're bringing Drama Dad's laptop, hopefully one of my Mom's neighbor's has a wireless signal I can steal.

Mom does not have a computer at home (the horror!) but I'll try to check in on all my peeps in between the mani pedi, the trip to Dream Dinners, the homemade fried chicken (oh yeah!) and a date with Drama Dad. My mom spoils us so good! Later!
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