They Had Me at Eat

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


  1. Yeah! I'll be there too. Can't wait to reunite once again...and over food...heaven! ;)

  2. Hi Melanie.... my name is Laurie i am trying to email you directly BUT i cannot figure out Outlook.... im not that computer savy YET ... i just got onto facebook...milestone! Ok back to what im about... I read your article in RedBk and think i have the solution to your temp situation. I would love to dicuss this more with you.... dont worry i am a mom of 2 small kids and i will also be in San Diego on the 19th of this month( i am surprising my kids to legoland).... my email address is I sell jewelry and would love to expand my business to CA and you would work YOUR hours! write back pls ... i think i have the answer to help you earn money (on your time) to pay for school and whatever else....

  3. Jealous. I'm all about eating :)

  4. that sounds like an interesting time. Enjoy


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