Actually, These Pants DON'T Make My Butt Look Big

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I've been blaming the baby weight I'm carrying on my love of starches, carbs, chocolate and food in general. I haven't tried to diet but lately have tried to be more conscious of what I'm eating, when I eat it and why. I have lost some weight, which I've been attributing to the training for the walk but mostly on these stinking braces. Some of my pants are loose and it seems my cheekbones have decided to come out of hiding.

I haven't stepped on a scale so I couldn't translate my pants not staying up into actual pounds lost. Last week I broke out the Wii Fit for the first time in ages to try the new game I bought. While my Wii Fit age had jumped to 40, my BMI was down and the animated board told me I've lost almost 14 pounds!
I couldn't believe it.

Last Tuesday I decided it was time to try on jeans for a pair that fit better (which is usually a nightmare because there's so much junk in my trunk). I had a coupon from BlogHer for a free pair of Gap jeans that I've been saving. I pulled my usual size off the rack and brought a few different styles into the dressing room. And they were too big!

The salesperson came to check on me and I asked for the next size down, which I haven't had to do since I was in my 20's.
I haven't looked like this in a pair of jeans since college. I can honestly say, for the first time in a long time, that I don't think my butt looks big! I don't care if it is vanity sizing, wearing a size 6 again is making me pretty happy today.
(I apologize for both the crappy photo and the fact that I didn't clean the mirror first)

UPDATE: My mom arrived at our house this afternoon for the 3 Day and the first thing she said when I got out of the car was, "Wow! You did get skinny! I can't remember the last time you were that size!" Umm, thanks?

*None of the companies or brands mentioned asked me to do so, I only included them as a means to tell the story.


  1. Okay. 1) You GO girl!! (high 5!)

    2) I got back to a size 6 last year for the first time since.. um, who the hell knows. And yeah! Yay! (high 5 again!)

    3) Maybe 'cuz I don't know you, but I do NOT see where you're getting that 'junk in the trunk' thing. Speaking as someone dubbed "Bubble Butt" in high school, I think you're crazy. :)

  2. Rock it girl!

    I remember the day that happened to me. Brought in my usual "big girl" jeans - all too big. Got a size 6 and slipped in beautifully. I cried at first - sopping wet, nasty crying. My daughter was with me & asked what was wrong. Then, I started crying/laughing and doing this stupid happy jumping dance w/ my daughter in the dressing room singing, "Momma's a size 6!" over and over. The poor ladies in the other rooms must have thought I lost my mind (or were seething with jealously - heh). :)

    Funniest part - when I got home I made my husband take a picture of my butt in my new jeans. Gotta capture the moment!

  3. You go girl. The jeans fit GREAT!

  4. Wow. I'm impressed. You look great--but you always did.

  5. @Gina- It's true. My tush has always been round and "full." I call it Ghetto Booty. :D

    @Michelle- You've worked MUCH harder than I have. Tears of happiness were well deserved!

    @Keya- Thank you! I got them free but do feel they are worth the money.

    @Jenn Awww, thanks *blush*

  6. Congratulations at your weight loss and yes the jeans look good...


  7. Oh, your butt looks amazing! Congratulations! Enjoy those skinny jeans on your skinny self! :)


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