I Know You're Out There: Delurker Day 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm pretty average when it come to leaving comments on other people's blogs. I have 162 subscriptions in my reader. I try to comment since I know how much they mean to me, but it's challenging. Sometimes a post doesn't warrant a comment but more often than not I lurk because I can't think of anything to say. I feel this pressure to be funny or insightful, not piss anyone off too badly, appear knowledgeable or appropriately sympathetic. I realize that's my own hang up, but it's there nonetheless. 

We can all see how many people are stopping by. For me, it's frustrating sometimes not to have comments at least somewhat closely match the visitors. But then I think of my issues and wonder if the people who read me feel the same way. 

So, in honor of Delurker Day, I want you all to know I have no expectations whatsoever when it comes to your comments, other than just leave one. I appreciate everyone who stops by my little square of the web. Thanks for sharing part of your day with me. You keep me going in more ways than one. 


  1. I rarely comment - but you inspired me so...there you have it!

  2. i have the same issues with commenting!

  3. I'm rarely a lurker and certainly not on National Delurking Day!

  4. I feel the same way. In fact I have been a lurker (?) for years and just decided this year was the year I would create a blog and did! Keep up what your doing-I Love It!

  5. I come by often. Sometimes, I comment. Sometimes, I don't. But, I with you.

    Heeeey! How you doooiiing? (in my best Wendy Williams voice)

    Sometimes when I don't know what to say, I type the above!

    How you doooiiing?

  6. I have the same issues that you do on commenting. So just saying Hi - and I am reading everyday!!

  7. I wish I could get 20% of my visitors to comment, but then I guess I should set by example? I am trying, starting now.

  8. Well I missed the Delurk Day yesterday but I'm here now, officially Delurking! For me its time, with 3 kids I have just enough time to read the blogs and so rarely the time to think of something anyone might find remotely interesting to read!

    Will look forward to reading more on your blog. Great work Mel.

  9. I love comments, and I like to see how many people stopped by to peek on any given day.

    I wish there was a button to click, that would leave the message, "I stopped by." That would be easier fon the visitor, and they wouldn't have to think of something crafty to say. And we would overflow with comments.

  10. Totally with ya on the commenting. Funny that we were talking about this last night, I didn't realize you had posted this. I always try to comment but do worry sometimes about how it comes across. But nevertheless, here I am. Reading and loving it! xoxo

  11. So technically, I'm not a lurker since this is my first visit to your blog (from a link on Bakerella). But had you not shamed me (hehe) by posting about Delurker Day, I may not have commented!

    Your blog looks great! I look forward to following it :-) I've recently started blogging too, about a lot of similar topics: motherhood, books, food. Check mine out if you have a chance!


    Have a wonderful week!

  12. A little late, but hello anyway!


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