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Friday, April 22, 2011

Today I'm talking about tracking prices. I feel I still have a lot to learn about coupons and frugal shopping but I definitely know more than I did last year. When I go to the stores, increasingly I've been able to look at the price of something and know if A) it's a good price and B) if I might be able to get the item for a cheaper price at another store. I also keep the store circulars for several weeks so I can compare prices against stores and see what an individual store's sales cycle is.

Armed with that information, I'm better able to know when a special trip to the store is justified or not and if an item is at its stock up price. I haven't even considered starting a grocery price book, I keep track mentally, but if you're really serious about saving that's the way to go. When I finally get around to making my coupon binder, I think I'll have at least one tracking sheet in it for the items I buy regularly. 

Last week, Henry's had a great sale on meats. I don't typically buy meat there, mostly produce and items from the bulk bins, but the 72 Hour sale they were holding was a good excuse to stock up. I broke these down and froze them in more manageable meal sizes. The chicken breasts are huge so they're perfect for crockpot type meals. For $25.36 I now have enough meat for at least six meals.

Do you track prices? Have you noticed significant saving? Most importantly, do you have any recipes for all those pork chops?!

*Gift certificate provided by San Diego Bargain Mama and Henry's. No other compensation received. I love this store and shop there regularly. Opinions are totally my own. I'm serious about the recipes.


  1. Soak the pork chops in beer, garlic and onions. Then grill (inside or outside). It's soooo good!

    I stock up on meat and freeze it when a store has a sale. Frazier Farms often has meat sales that are great.

  2. I totally need to get a chest freezer and put in the garage. My side-by-side just isn't big enough to fit more than two packages of meat at a time.

    Once upon a time I used the iPhone app 'Grocery Gadget' to track prices. It wasn't bad, and I think it was only like $1.99 but an update wiped it out and I would have had to re-purchase it.

  3. A freezer chest is the way to go! We buy bulk frozen fruit from a farm in Oregon and it is YUMMY!

    I have a coupon binder, but not a price tracker. I have pretty much learned the prices of my regular purchase and can spot a good deal. The thing I am working on now is finding deals on organic items and produce!


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