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Thursday, June 16, 2011

My husband comes from a big family. He has cousins, aunts and uncles I haven't met yet and we've known each other almost half our lives. Every summer, a whole group of them come here to San Diego and camp at a beach near our house. They've been doing it for years (I was pregnant the first time I met them out for dinner). Tyler and I spend the every day with them. Their visit is something we look forward to and plan around every year.

But. I don't camp. I don't like tents. I don't like sleeping on the ground. Phil's family has an amazing setup they have perfected over the years. They make the whole outdoor living thing look easy.

The whole campsite is this organized
Occasionally, I've been tempted to change my mind and spend the night. Then the sand in my butt starts to itch and I happily pack up and head home for the night. Well, I may have to suck it up because this year, Phil reserved a space for us too.
Phil and Tyler and the remains of the moat the kids played in all week
We have a tent and that's about it. So, I need all your frugal camping suggestions. What foods should I buy? How should we cook said food without a grill? I have no clue what I'm doing. Help?


  1. Get an air mattress (or two) if you can. It makes sleeping in a tent so much more comfortable! I don't really know about the cooking part. The last time I went camping, I packed a lot of things I wouldn't have to cook--fruit cups, ready-made canned chicken salad, fruit snacks, trail mix, bottled water, etc. Don't forget sunscreen and insect repellant! And have fun!

  2. I can help with the cooking part. Do you have a camp stove? Can you get your hands on a Dutch oven? Not the kind you use on your stove top, but the kind with legs? If so, Roades (or however you spell it) cinnamon rolls are a huge hit in the Dutch oven as is anything you can cook as a casserole in your regular oven.

  3. We camp every other weekend all summer, so I've got some great camp recipes. Maybe I should be a camp food blogger : )

  4. @Robyn - The tent we have is too small for an air mattress. :( I may cheat, though and use it in the back of my husband's car!

    @Gretchen - You sound like just the person I need to be talking to! Thanks!


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