Mom, You Sure Do Love Coupons

Monday, June 6, 2011

I assumed Tyler has been absorbing the importance of coupons because of how often he sees me clipping, getting inserts from the neighbors and using them at stores. But, every now and then I see the opportunity to have a teachable moment and reinforce the lessons I'm trying to teach him.

When we were checking out after my awesome Albertson's trip yesterday, he made the statement about my coupons and I said, "absolutely, I love my coupons. Did you hear the cashier tell me what my savings were?" I had him look at the receipt and do a little math.

I've told Tyler before that part of my job is to take care of him, his dad and our house; and I include making sure we're using money wisely and saving wherever we can as part of taking care of everyone. I said he should start thinking of coupons the way I do: as another type of money and not just pieces of paper. Those pieces of paper save us money we're using for other things, like the breakfast we had yesterday at Mimi's Cafe with some of his hockey teammates.

Some of my big fears for Tyler is that he will leave home not knowing when to match his shoes with his belt, not knowing how to do laundry and iron, make a few basic recipes and not knowing how to manage money.

When I talk about things like that with him, I get eye rolls and impatience (please tell me I'm not alone!). I try to explain things in terms he relates to. Sometimes I think I'm getting through. Like the time we found a boxed set of a series he's reading for $3 at the library book store and he was just as excited over the deal as I was. But other times, I wonder if he's only hearing and not listening.

I've been using coupons for awhile, but not as seriously as I have in the past few years. My mom uses them too and I grew up watching her. But, she doesn't do it to the level that I do and she didn't really explain what it was about, why she used them and how much she saved. I really hope it sinks in with Tyler. Financial savvy-ness is one of the best things I can have him absorb (but I'll be working on the shoes and belt thing, too.)

Just in case you're curious (and so I can toot my horn a little)
1 trail mix
1 box Albertson's brand oatmeal
2 Ronzoni Garden 
2 Ronzoni Smart Taste
2 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest
10 Knorr Rice sides (4 of the taco flavor from the Mexican Lasagne)
4 Ragu pasta sauce
2 gallons of milk
1 multi pack of baby carrots
1 rotisserie chicken

Before coupons: $70.53 
Actual spent: $20.33


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