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Friday, July 29, 2011

This post is my entry into the Say Wow, Not Ow Yummie Tummie Style Session at BlogHer.

I love my child, but the pace of our summer is starting to wear on me. Tonight, I needed a bit of a break. I decided to hit Nordstrom Rack and Marshalls to look for tops for BlogHer. I struck out, big time. Everything looked absolutely awful. It seems I'm at some size in between medium and large. The medium tops I tried on were just a bit snug and the large were droopy and shapeless. Now I'm all depressed and drowning my sorrow in gelato*. The problem? This area right here. Meet my Costco sized muffin top. 

I can't even blame it on dressing room lighting
This is my most stubborn area. Even when I lose weight, that flab sticks around. Everything else south of my belly button slims down except good 'ole Muffin. Consequently, my closet is full of A-line tops that fit great around my lovely lady lumps, but flare out to hide my pooch. Some of it feels like maternity wear. I don't like having to compromise fit and fashion over function. I know with a little smoothing, some of the tops I tried on today would have fit perfectly. 

Thus, my last totally minute entry into the Yummie Tummie contest. I've heard much about the magic of their Invisible shapers. Some of my blog friends are firmly on board the Yummie train. I want to ride, too. I want to ditch my pseudo maternity wear, and to do that I need help of the Yummie variety.

I'm desperate enough to embarrass myself by showing my goods to the entire internet. Hopefully, it won't have been in vain. Yummie Tummie? Please send help.

*Yes, I know that's counterproductive. Sue me.

Check out Yummie Tummie for yourself!

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  1. you are so brave. I admire you. You deserve to win. Totally!


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