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Sometimes All You Have to Do is Ask

Monday, July 28, 2008

This is so minor, but I'm pretty proud of myself. I got an email from O Magazine about my auto renewal. Since I love magazines, especially this one, I was all set to pay up until I noticed the rate.

I called customer service to verify that I have always paid a lower rate. The woman (we'll call her Dee 'cause I can't remember her real name) confirmed that yes, in the past I've only paid $18.

Me: Thanks, Dee. I have to pinch pennies wherever I can, being displaced an all.

Dee: I totally understand, I work and have to pinch them too. Do you want me to re-invoice you for the $18 or pay now?

Me: I can pay now [running upstairs for debit card]. Is the $10 rate still going on?

Dee: You have the lowest rate available.

Me: Oh, well, OK. I saw that rate offered by Redbook but maybe it's expired.

Dee: I've never come across it before.

Me: Yes, I see it all the time when I enter the sweeps on the Redbook site [frantically clicking]. Usually, after I enter it comes up as a special 'thank you' offer... [entering spa sweeps] Yes, here it is. [reading] "Thank you for entering, as a special 'thank you' get either 12 issues of Cosmo for $10, 12 issues of O for $10 or both together for $20.

Dee: I've never seen that rate come through before. Is it O Magazine or O At Home?

Me: It's for O. I can take a screen shot and email you.

Dee: [laughing] No, I trust you. I'll adjust that down to $10.

Me: Great, thanks! I have my card when you're ready.

It never hurts to ask!
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