Sometimes All You Have to Do is Ask

Monday, July 28, 2008

This is so minor, but I'm pretty proud of myself. I got an email from O Magazine about my auto renewal. Since I love magazines, especially this one, I was all set to pay up until I noticed the rate.

I called customer service to verify that I have always paid a lower rate. The woman (we'll call her Dee 'cause I can't remember her real name) confirmed that yes, in the past I've only paid $18.

Me: Thanks, Dee. I have to pinch pennies wherever I can, being displaced an all.

Dee: I totally understand, I work and have to pinch them too. Do you want me to re-invoice you for the $18 or pay now?

Me: I can pay now [running upstairs for debit card]. Is the $10 rate still going on?

Dee: You have the lowest rate available.

Me: Oh, well, OK. I saw that rate offered by Redbook but maybe it's expired.

Dee: I've never come across it before.

Me: Yes, I see it all the time when I enter the sweeps on the Redbook site [frantically clicking]. Usually, after I enter it comes up as a special 'thank you' offer... [entering spa sweeps] Yes, here it is. [reading] "Thank you for entering, as a special 'thank you' get either 12 issues of Cosmo for $10, 12 issues of O for $10 or both together for $20.

Dee: I've never seen that rate come through before. Is it O Magazine or O At Home?

Me: It's for O. I can take a screen shot and email you.

Dee: [laughing] No, I trust you. I'll adjust that down to $10.

Me: Great, thanks! I have my card when you're ready.

It never hurts to ask!


  1. haha. I need to do that more often.

  2. You are a freakin' rock star. All hail you!

    Sigh. I should be so bold. And make more time to read the magazines I'm overpaying for...

  3. Dayam girl. Put in in the shoe stash.

  4. that must count as the bargain of the week!

  5. Awesome! It seems like thier is room for negotion EVERYWHERE! lol

  6. Yes MA'AM, I want you on the phone extension every time I get on the phone with ANYBODY who wants money. How are you at utility bills? :)

    -- Laurie


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