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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hey everyone! Sorry I'm late to my own party. Childhood friend + last minute visit = night of drinking. Anyway, I hope you have your books handy 'cause I really need help.

The book we're reading now for Book Club, Love Monkey by Kyle Smith, just isn't doing it for me. I should like it. It has funny parts and Smith really has a way with words, but so far I just can't into it. It's about a single guy, Tom, who lives in New York and writes the headlines for a tabloid. He's single and still hung up on his ex.

This synopsis is from Google Books:

"Many men aim high; Tom Farrell dares to be average. While his friends accumulate wedding rings, mortgages, and even, alarmingly, babies, Tom still lives alone in his rented apartment with nothing but condiments and alcohol in his refrigerator. He spends Saturday mornings watching cartoons and eating Cocoa Puffs out of an Empire Strikes Back bowl, and devotes the rest of the weekend to his other favorite hobbies: sports and girls."

There are parts that made me laugh out loud. I really should like this book. But I don't. So, please tell me what you're reading. On this post or on your own site using Mr. Linky, give us the title and author, a review and three sentences from page 38 (I used the length of Love Monkey - 336 pages - to choose the number).

"Now Eli's in the Zone with Hillary. I confronted him about it one night. They had been making cute little call-me-later gestures at each other across the newsroom as I was stuffing my backpack with stolen office supplies, and when I left, he and his gonna-get-some-tonight smirk followed me onto the elevator."

My hope with this carnival is that one of you will get to post three really exciting sentences from your book that make me want to read more. And then I can go to my next book club meeting armed with awesome suggestions and everyone will love me and think I'm brilliant and well-read. So have at it!

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  1. I'm first! :D I've twittered ya and blogged ya! Told you I'd be back!

  2. Bright Shiny Morning--James Frey

    She was quiet and shy and well suited for school. She loved to read, loved to work on math equations, she helped her teachers at every opportunity. She was not a popular girl.

  3. Okay, added my reading selection to your list!

  4. Hey there! I found you thru Channah. Just finished Friday Night Knitting Club, a first novel by Kate Jacobs. Pretty light, not too predictable, has a few good--and even a couple of "deep"--things to say about life, love and friendship.

  5. OK, I'm coming back when I have the book, but meanwhile...I LOVED In the Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.


  6. Sleeping with Ward Cleaver-Jenny Gardiner

    Jack rises from the table, leaving behind his half-empty orange juice glass and the cereal bowl with the telltale yellowish milk and spoon encrusted with Cap'n Crunch crumbs. He assumes the maid is going to clean up after him. Except that we haven't got a maid.


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