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Ojai Sunset | Wordless Wednesday

Life Hack: Salting a Margarita Glass | Works For Me Wednesday

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Last Wednesday was National Margarita Day. At the last minute, I decided we needed to do our civic duty and celebrate the occasion properly. I took orders from the neighbors and broke out the frozen strawberries. Everyone wanted their glass salted and I forgot I don't own anything to properly salt a margarita glass. I thought about it for a minute and came up with the perfect solution.

Viola! If you have a citrus juicer, check to see if your margarita glasses fit inside. I poured a little Triple Sec into the bottom of the juicer, used a small plate for the salt and it worked perfectly! No need to go out and buy a separate gadget. This one does double duty.

What's working for you today? 

Santa Monica Sunset | Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Casa del Mar Hotel, Santa Monica

Magazine Subscriptions on the iPad | Things iLove Thursday

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I've already written about reading books on the iPad so I thought I should talk about magazines as well. I LOVE reading magazines digitally. I currently have Cosmo, Entertainment Weekly, InStyle, All You, Wired and Martha Stewart Living. With the exception of Cosmo, I am a print subscriber to those titles, too.

Publishers are putting really awesome touches to their digital editions. Elements on some of the pages move (snow falls, lighbulbs glow for example), music plays, you can watch video tutorials, listen to interviews and lots of the ads are interactive. The video below is from Wired's site*. It shows the process of putting a digital issue together and some of the features of the app. My inner nerd loves behind the scenes stuff like this.

All of the digital magazines I have were free with my print subscription except Cosmo, which was a free deal I found on a blog. My Wired print subscription only cost $10 for the year and my Martha Stewart print was a freebie I found online too. Free magazine deals pop up all the time online.

As more and more companies offer the digital bundled with the print, you could be able to score some really great deals that will give you access to both if you keep your eyes open. If you have an iPad but someone you know does not, split the subscription cost. My mom has been wanting to subscribe to All You and I only have one issue left. Perfect timing.

Do I need both a print and digital copy? Not really. But, I usually leave a few magazines in my car for waiting in the car pool line, my ortho appointments or Tyler's hockey practice. I don't always take my iPad with me. I can read the digital copy in bed without needing a reading light and without the page turning keeping Phil awake. So far, I have had few problems with the apps crashing. The issues  download quickly and the features are easy to use.

Now, I'm more inclined to buy a print subscription if I know I'll have digital access for free. I'm hoping to renew Real Simple for just this reason. I do think there's a market for print and I hope the industry sees the wisdom in offering both formats to consumers. I see the future of digital copies being that we'll be able to share articles over different platforms.

Here's a list of magazines that offer a free digital subscription with a paid print:

InStyle, Entertainment Weekly, Real Simple, Wired, Martha Stewart, People, Time, Better Homes and Gardens, Parents, Fitness, Business Week, Fortune, All You, Health, Southern Living, Cooking Light, Sports Illustrated Kids, Essence

For those with an iPad are you reading magazines on it? Do you like it? If you don't have a tablet, do you see yourself using this feature?

Find out what other bloggers are loving this Thursday 
with Jill over at Diaper Diaries.

Edited 7/10/14: The video has been removed but, for reference, Wired Magazine's first iPad issue came out in 2010. Read about on and

My Husband plus Extra Plywood Equals | Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Knee Socks as Armwarmers | Works for Me Wednesday {vlog}

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

UPDATE: So, apparently the audio isn't working. I can't figure out why I can hear the original and the edited versions, but nothing in the uploaded one. I'm working on it!

UPDATE 2: I started from scratch with a new video. What a hassle! 

Hi there! Long time no see. As usual, many reasons but no excuses. Today I decided to do a quick vlog. I threw my hands up and said, "screw it." I figured if I waited until my hair looked nice, the house was clean, I put makeup on, I had something important to say etc. etc. I'd never blog or vlog again.

So, here I am showing you one piece of my 3 Day gear. I've been wearing these arm warmers lately and getting lots of comments and questions from people I train with.

Sidewalk Chalk: Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Keeping my iPad Protected on the Go | Things iLove Thursday

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My friend Jill from The Diaper Diaries hosts a meme called Things I Love Thursday. I've been wanting to participate and thought now would be a good time to jump in. I'm pretty late to the iRevolution. Before my dad bought me my iPad I felt like everyone and their mother (grandmother!) had more technology than I did. Heck, my mom got a smartphone before me.

I know it's silly to feel that way because lots of people are in the same boat I was. Now that I'm on board I'm having a great time catching up on all the apps, gadgets, gear and other things everyone else already knew of; as well as keeping an eye out for new stuff. So, this series is for everyone who has either just bought a smartphone and/or tablet or is thinking of getting one. 

For my first post in the meme, I thought I'd start with the basics: the cases for my iPad. When I got it, I wasn't sure what kind of case I wanted. I knew I'd need something for everyday use but wanted a supplemental case for travel (OK, also because I'm super over protective). It took me awhile to find what I wanted and every night I'd put it back in the box it came in rather than leave it lying around. My requirements for an everyday case were protection without bulk, convertible into a stand and pretty color. A little bit of Googling led me to the Slim Line case from HandHeld Items and a 10" netbook case from Built.

The Slim Line is thin but doesn't feel flimsy. The inside cover is sueded so it doesn't slide when using it as a stand. It fits well in the outside pocket of the purse I'm using for summer. I don't really like having it in the outer pocket so I'm on the hunt for a fall bag I can carry it inside of.

I became more familiar with Built when I went to the International Housewares Show a few years ago. They had a great display. We've bought several things by them since (laptop sleeve, bottle carrier and a lunch tote). Their items are sturdy and great for travel. The Slim Line case slides in and out really easily and there's no gap around the zipper so the iPad isn't sliding around.

I feel good now about taking the iPad out and about with me. That was the whole point of getting it. Leaving it at home in its box wasn't doing me much good. It's been a great alternative to carrying my laptop around in my backpack.

Future posts in the series will be more about apps and things I use the iPad and iPhone for. I'd love to answer questions from those of you on the fence about getting one of your own. 

*If you want to see other things people are loving this Thursday or contribute your own post, Jill has a linky on her site. This is not a sponsored post.

Put Your Library on Your Smartphone | Works For Me Wednesday

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hello, my name is Melanie and I'm an addict. A book addict. I know, I know. You're probably thinking there are worse things to be addicted to. I wholeheartedly agree. The problem is, I tend to buy the same book multiple times.

My library has a used book store. They're my dealers. I stop in every time I'm in the area. OK, sometimes when I'm not, too. I can get trade sized paperbacks for $2.50 at the most but I generally stick the $1 cart. How can I pass that up? I can't, that's how. But, I get so excited I can't remember if I have a title at home or not. I've probably spent about $15 buying repeat titles. $15 isn't alot in the grand scheme of things, but that's 15 books I haven't read, wasted.

When I came home with my second copy of Women on the Edge of a Nervous Breakthrough, I got so mad at myself I knew I had to figure out something. I was going to write all my 'To Be Read' titles in the notebook I carry in purse, but this 2011. It took me a minute to figure out a solution, but I'm pleased with the results. 

There are 14 photos total

I took pictures of my book stash, put them in a folder on my computer and uploaded them into the photos section of my iPod. If I had a smartphone it would be a little easier, especially when I bring new books home. But, since I always have my iPod with me, for now the system is working. I scrolled through the pics the other day and they saved me from bringing home See Jane Date. Again.

I hope this Works For Me Wednesday trick helps my fellow 
literary addicts!

Future San Diego Padre | Wordless Wednesday

Hoorah! | Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fun with Space Mountain | Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Disneyland, March 2011

Peekaboo! I See You! Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our Hockey Player: Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Storing Christmas Decorations: Works for Me Wednesday

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I love Christmas. It's my favorite holiday. But I dread decorating because of how much stuff I have and how long it takes me to set up and take down. I used to spend hours putting everything away. It took me a few years, but I finally figured out a storage system that works for me.

I have several tubs for storing my Christmas stuff but they were a jumbled and chaotic mess. Every year I'd start decorating and it looked like Santa's Workshop exploded in my living room. Last year I reached my limit. My anal side couldn't take it anymore. I spread everything out, grouped like items and started labeling.

It took me hours but it was totally worth it. This year, I was able to find exactly what I wanted and didn't need to open some of the bins at all. I grouped all the like items together into their own tote. All the tree decorations are together; my cards, bows and gift wrap are together, etc.

Each tub has pieces of masking tape with an item written on each piece. If I rearrange or get rid of something it's easy to pull off the tape.

Things are labeled within the totes, too. Before the reorganization, I had a ton of tiny gift bags scattered between the bins. Now they are all in a 2-gallon zipper bag in the gift wrap tote. I also had a lot of little things, like tape or treat bags, that would get lost in the totes. I now have two gift wrap cutters and enough pop up tape to last me another four Christmases because I thought I didn't have any and bought more only to find them when I started wrapping. Now, I have another giant zipper bag with a label taped to the inside with all the contents listed.

My sanity has been restored! I don't have to dread the decorating process anymore. Now that I'm organized I can spread it out over a few days.

Do you have a storage system for decorations? Please spill in case I can be even more organized!

TRON Light Bike at El Capitan: Wordless Wednesday

*Tickets to the show were provided

Bright Holiday: Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Part of a Candy Cane lane near my Dad's house, taken from the car because of the rain

Mission Valley Sky Part 2: Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Taken the same night as last Wordless Wednesday

Mission Valley Sky: Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snapped at a stoplight last weekend

Hot Air Balloon: Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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