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Bedroom Makeover Project: Detroit Red Wings

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Over the summer we decided it was time to upgrade Tyler's bedroom decor from the Star Wars theme we gave it when he was five. When we asked what he wanted the new theme to be, we weren't at all surprised when it involved hockey. The Detroit Red Wings to be exact.

Our first step was to decide how much red we wanted in the room. I had the idea to do one whole wall as an accent but Phil and Tyler wanted more color. We compromised with white above and red down low where it will (hopefully) hide any scuff marks.

We went to Home Depot and used the Glidden Sports Team paint guide as inspiration. We painted the whole room white to hide the color underneath. Then we laid out the stripes and painted the red. Both paints are semi-gloss with primer.

Detroit Redwings hockey bedroom makeover ideas

We had a hard time with the striping. We tried blue painter's tape and the green Frog tape. The stripes still bled in a few spots and we had to do some manual touch ups but overall we think the paint turned out really well.

Next, we decided on the decor. That is still a work in progress, but we have put up several things that are making the room come together.
Phil made this picture frame. He used some of our old and broken street hockey sticks and a pane of glass from Michaels. The jersey is from the first team Tyler played hockey for and we included the team photo and Tyler's player card.

I bought the red sheets and pillowcase at Walmart for $14. The black backrest pillow is from Bed, Bath and Beyond ($25 before coupon). Tyler chose it because it reminded him of a hockey puck. The Red Wings comforter, pillow sham and Red Wings fleece blanket were recent birthday gifts from Tyler's grandparents.

The hanging light above the bed is from Ikea. We bought the shade, bulb and cord separately and paid about $20 for all the components. Tyler bought the Stanley Pillow Pet during a trip to Michigan. So far, the paint and supplies were the biggest expense.

We still have spaces we'd like to fill in. I want to get a valance for the window and maybe a trash can or rug, Tyler wants the Red Wings logo on the wall above his dresser and we want to figure out a way to make a headboard with hockey sticks or netting.

Detroit Redwings hockey bedroom makeover

Tyler absolutely loves his room! He shows it off to everyone and makes a bit more an an effort to keep it clean than he did before. The old Melanie might have put up a fight at the idea of painting a room red or going for broke with a theme, but since I decided years ago to be more of a 'yes mom,' I knew I had to go along with this. Paint is easy to change and Tyler's happiness is worth the multiple coats we'll have to use when it comes time to make a change. At least, it is now. Ask me again when we're re-painting.

Have you redecorated using a theme your kids chose? 
How did you keep the project budget friendly?

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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