Rolling With My Homies

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yeah, OK, that was lame. I have been remiss in not updating my blog roll. Thanks to Mommy Pie and her awesome BlogHerNot party and to Mommy's Martini, I have added so many new reads. Thank goodness Drama Kid is old enough to wipe his own butt because I'm pretty much glued to the computer!

Instead of adding on to the current list on the left, I'm replacing some blogs with the new ones, just to keep it fresh. I think it's easier than having 100+ blogs listed and hopefully will keep the page from loading too slowly.

Enjoy these new folks, I sure do!


  1. Thanks for the add!

    I see you have AFRo and Ashley's Closet- are you a BabyCenter Bargain Board reader?

  2. I think I'm going to create a whole separate freaking page for my link list, at this point.

  3. Damn. My kids still need help wiping their butts. I knew you had the advantage.


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