If I Had...

Monday, July 14, 2008

If I had one of these:I could have better captured my son's first solo experience at boogie boarding last week. I could show you how grown up he looked heading into the water carrying his board over his head. I could show you how he went out too far, but I didn't call him back because he was having so much fun following the big kids. I could show you the gorgeous Southern California weather with the water the same color as sea glass.

If I had one of these: I could have captured his best wave of the day. You would see his little body tense with anticipation as he watched the water over his shoulder. You would see him take off at just the right moment. You would see that look, the look of pure joy kids get sometimes when they are having "the best day ever!" And that other look, the look of pride on their little faces when they realize what they've just done "all by myself!"

If I had one of these: I could have sat next to the campfire and created a flowchart for Drama Kid to help him follow how "all these people" were his first and second (possibly third) cousins and great aunt and uncle. And I could have immediately uploaded the great photos and video so you could see it "live" and then go back to my s'mores and hot cocoa. Oh well.

Here's the best shot of the day

Thank you to Drama Dad's large, Irish family for letting us crash your party again this year! We had a great time last week and can't wait until next summer!


  1. He's so damn darling (in real life, especially).

    And what is that cool Flip Camera thing. Holy moly. When is Christmas?

  2. I think you did just fine without all that stuff. :)

  3. You did a great job describing the boogie boarding. I too, covet the Flip!

  4. I would love one of those cute little cameras!


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