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Monday, July 21, 2008

Dear North County Bakery-
This past Friday, I attended a party where one of your cakes was served. It had ripe strawberries, real whipped cream, chocolate and almond shavings. It was light, tasty and divine.

However, the woman who purchased said heaven on a plate asked that the cake be personalised with "BitchHer 08" in frosting. I understand this was an unusual request. I understand your staff needing to confirm (multiple times) that the word "bitch" was indeed to be frosted on the cake.

What I do not understand, is why, when the spelling error was brought to your attention, you chose not provide what was requested and paid for. I also do not understand why, when the cake was returned for repair, replacement or refund, you chose to not to any of those things.

I really enjoyed your cake, it was delicious. This was the first time I had pastries from your bakery. Sadly, I think it was also the last. Though I very much invite you to share your side of the story.

With regret,

French Bakery Cafe
1005 Carlsbad Village Dr, 92008
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  1. Oh, I've been wanting to try that place! In honor of your boycott, I won't. EVEN THOUGH I wasn't invited to your BitchHer 08 party. But seriously, they wouldn't do anything about the cake at all?

  2. Yeah, those folks out in the retail sector have to watch out for us bloggers. Remember--The customer is ALWAYS right! I'll participate in your boycott, too! BTW, I'm having another Great Pop'rs Giveaway, starting tomorrow. Aunt Julie really needs the help of all her Bloggy Pals--she's planning a rehearsal dinner for 60 people! Hope you drop by soon!

  3. Day-Am Girl. Remind me to stay on your good side. (I'm there right now, right? Right?)

  4. oh yeah huh. i'm sending the girl in there with her new "bitch bag" as she calls it. yipes.

  5. I am SO sending the Manager of Le French asshole bakery to your post! Thanks Mel! Cocktails soon!!

    PS... What you said!
    (on jamie's blog.) Oh yeah!

  6. MamaSphere- Next time! And no, they were not flexible.

    VeggieMom- In this instance yes, Trish was right. And it's too bad 'cause that cake was good!

    JJ- Yes, you are!

    Katy- I went to Albertsons yesterday with mine and I was all "I dare anyone to mess with me!"

    Trish- Please do, I'd like to know their response (and maybe we'd get a free cake out of it! LOL!)

    Cheri- Will you hurry up already?! ;^)

  7. My parents are in that area. I will suggest that my mom never purchase a cake from a place with such bad customer service!

  8. Seriously you should send her a swag bag full of all the stuff she missed showing her it was a MOST SERIOUS event! *lol*

    Did she seriously not give a reason? I mean, and if it was such a problem, why didn't she voice any concern she had when the order was taken?


  9. I once mispelled Birthday -- forgot the R on a DQ Cake I had to decorate. I, of course, replaced and fixed the cake. Duh. That's just common sense!!

  10. Wow - that's terrible service.

    I once ordered a cake for a friend, and had it say "Happy Day, [Friend]!" - because he said that he absolutely didn't want a cake that said happy birthday.
    I get there, and they have written happy birthday on it. I let them know, and they tell me that's how I order it. I show them the order slip attached to the cake with the proper wording, and they shrug, and say I can take a different plain cake with no writing on it, if I want. Yeah - so not the same thing. They didn't even have the same type of cake available, and weren't willing to quick fix the cake they'd made me.


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