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Careful, I Might Just Blog About It!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dear North County Bakery-
This past Friday, I attended a party where one of your cakes was served. It had ripe strawberries, real whipped cream, chocolate and almond shavings. It was light, tasty and divine.

However, the woman who purchased said heaven on a plate asked that the cake be personalised with "BitchHer 08" in frosting. I understand this was an unusual request. I understand your staff needing to confirm (multiple times) that the word "bitch" was indeed to be frosted on the cake.

What I do not understand, is why, when the spelling error was brought to your attention, you chose not provide what was requested and paid for. I also do not understand why, when the cake was returned for repair, replacement or refund, you chose to not to any of those things.

I really enjoyed your cake, it was delicious. This was the first time I had pastries from your bakery. Sadly, I think it was also the last. Though I very much invite you to share your side of the story.

With regret,

French Bakery Cafe
1005 Carlsbad Village Dr, 92008
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I Seldom End Up Where I Wanted to Go, But Almost Always End Up Where I Needed to Be - Douglas Adams

I believe in God. I believe in destiny and fate. And I also believe in free will. The curveballs of life and the forks in the road are all opportunities (sometimes in disguise). Every choice we make or don't make leads us to where we are right now. And right now, I'm in a pretty happy place.

Losing my job has turned out to be a blessing. If I hadn't lost my job, I would not be spending these summer weeks with my son going to the beach, the park and pool.

If I hadn't lost my job we wouldn't be the "dinner at 6:00" family we're becoming. I probably wouldn't know my neighbors very well. And I certainly wouldn't have discovered blogging. Which means I probably never would have met this amazing group of women.

The more time I spend with them, both online and in person, the more I am sure there was a plan in place when I took that last elevator ride back in November. I feel like there was something missing in my life that I didn't know was missing until now.

It's not that I don't have friends, great family or a good marriage, because I do. I guess I've just never had so many people who inspire me in my life before. Knowing that these smart, funny, talented, creative and beautiful women have been near me ALL THIS time and I'm JUST NOW getting to know them makes me want to stalk them to make up for the lost time.

Thankfully, Cheri graciously opened up her home for BitchHer 2008 so the Bitches and our Bitchlets could get together for food, drinks, swag and good conversation (though apparently, I missed a really important one about orgasms and baked goods).

I'm so glad to know you all. Be it fate, an act of God, the decline in the housing market or The Secret, having you in my life is making me a better person. Thank you!
Linky Love goes to: Cheri @ Blog This Mom!, Aaryn @ Thematically Fickle, Jamie @ Choosing My Own, Jenn @ Juggling Life, Kate @ katydidnot, Deb @ Sandiegomomma, Sam @ Little Dragon Fruit
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BlogHer? Who Has the Time?!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mommy Pie is holding BlogHerNot 2008 and wants photgraphic evidence of what those of us in attendance are doing Right Now! This Very Minute! to get ready.
Since my social calendar runneth over and I'm also going to BitchHer 2008, I have to get ready for that too. Whew! It's been crazy!

I've had to buy all the ingredients for this:

Do laundry so I can pack this:

Dig out the pump so I can start blowing up these:

Chill these:

And go from store to store in search of these (no peeking, they're top secret!):

Mommy Pie is asking for guest speakers. There's plenty of room at the podium (or lecturn for you anal types) so head on over and choose your topic!

Sorry, but I have to get going. So much to do!
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