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Wordless Wednesday: Sleepy Football Fan

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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Snippets: Those Grey Guys

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Drama Kid wore his Raider jersey to school yesterday and he had to set something straight with one his friends:

DK: Today at school J told me those grey guys never win anything.

Me: Well, he's sort of right. Our team hasn't been good for several years now.

DK: But I told him at least we've won three Super Balls.

Me and Drama Dad: That's Super Bowl.

We were still so proud! *sniff*

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Attention Students! 1-2-3 Eyes on Me!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hello! Not a lot going on today. Drama Kid and I are headed to the beach campgrounds where Drama Dad's cousins spend a week every year.

Your homework assignments: I have two different meme's/carnivals scheduled, one for readers the other for football fans.

For the readers: Have whatever you're reading handy next Tuesday 7/15 (I think I saw this at Kate's). I'm reading Love Monkey for my book club and just can't get into it.

So, I want to know what you're reading. I need some suggestions to take to the next meeting. I'll use to come up with a page number. And I'll use Mr. Linky so that anyone who wants to participate can post the title, a review of the book and three sentences from the chosen page.

For the football fans: Are you getting excited?! Opening day of preseason is only 28 days away! I'm sqealing and clapping like I just got nominated to Homecoming Court. I got a new sticker for my car and I'm on the lookout for new shirts for Drama Kid and jewelry for me. I can't wait for Sundays! And Mondays. And some Thursdays.

I want to know who you'll be cheering for this season. Post one of your best fan stories, pictures of you in your fan gear, all your memoriabilia and inflatable fingers, your tattoos; whatever you want. But no team bashing or name calling please. I'll leave up another Mr. Linky so we can see who's the biggest fan. I'll do this the following Tuesday 7/22.

And, just to see who's out there today and who read this far down, the first four people to say "Ska Doosh" in their comments will win the Kung Fu Panda Panda-Monium activity CD from HP and Mom Select.

Enjoy your day!
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