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Prayers Needed Please {It's A Good Thing}

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm at my mom's house dropping Tyler off for his vacation with The Grandmas. Last night, the phone rang at about 10:00. Caller ID showed the area code for mom's hometown, where it was almost midnight. Generally, no one calls that late at night with good news so we were prepared to hear something bad.

It was my cousin calling to say, that after several years on the transplant list, he'd just received a call that a kidney was on it's way! If all the testing goes as planned (which is happening as I type) he'll be in surgery in a few hours.

Please send some positive energy to the midwest that the kidney is a match and the surgery goes well. Also, please pray for the people in Kansas who lost a loved one that they can find peace in knowing someone else's life will be changed forever.
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