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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I love books, and I love magazines. I'm not sure what it is about them that has me so hooked. Maybe it's my way of clinging to my college dream of moving to New York and writing for one.

[Remembering what it's like to be young and naive]

Anyway, when I open my mailbox and see the new issues arrive I get giddy.

I subscribe to so many it's hard to keep up. My newspaper rack is usually full and I can't get rid of a single one until I've made sure to review all my dogears. As I read, I fold over a corner of the pages that have something I want to look into later like a recipe, book suggestion or product I might want to buy.

Before I take all the issues to the library bookstore I grab a pen and paper and make notes from the dogears, then use my printer to copy the recipes or articles.

In no particular order, the contents of my mailbox:

Working Mother
Black Enterprise
O at Home
Family Fun
Real Simple
Good Housekeeping (got this one free from AdPerk)
All You (sold at Wal Mart)


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