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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

We have an online membership with Blockbuster. Love it! We don't get out much and don't subscribe to a movie channel so being able to stay semi current with movies and the cable series is great. I thought I'd start keeping a list of what I've been watching with the same rating as the books and a note on kid appropriateness.

27 Dresses - Thumbs Up

Juno - Thumbs Up

Weeds, Season 1 - Thumbs Up

Iron Man - Thumbs Up (There were a ton of kids today, but I'm not letting DS see it because of the sex and violence)

The Brave One - Thumbs Up (viewed 5/7/08)

PS, I Love You - Thumbs Up I laughed and cried. After, I got into bed with hubby and told him he can never leave me

Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Thumbs Up

The Great Debaters - Thumbs Up
(viewed 5/28/08)

Grace Is Gone - Thumbs Up (viewed 6/15/08) I loved it. Such a tearjerker!

The Happening - Neutral The "why is this happening" was obvious very early and there was no Sixth Sense "didn't see that coming" twist. (viewed 6/27/08)

Jumper - Thumbs Up - Definitely a rental, but I like Samuel L. Jackson. Sometimes the "guy gets in trouble and almost dies for love" plot gets a little old. (viewed 7/22/08)

The Dark Night - Thumbs Up - Excellent

Journey to the Center of the Earth - Thumbs Up - Another predictable Brendan Fraser movie, but entertaining. My 5 year old wasn't scared.

Into the Wild - Thumbs Up Knowing it was a true story made it worth watching. Ditto the soundtrack (Eddie Vedder, 'nuff said)


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