I've Been Bitten

Monday, April 28, 2008

By the shopping bug that is. I really like to shop. I mean REALLY. I could probably buy something every day. Clothes, shoes, purses, books, pretty things for our house. Even groceries. I love looking through the racks/stacks/bins. Clearance? Bring it!

Alas, since I am on holiday, I have had to curtail my spending in favor of essentials like, oh, food and gas. But, I can still look!
The Carnival has exposed me to so many great sites (you people are tres crafty!)

I thought I'd let you see some of the things I want need am obsessing over would like to have right now, both from the Carnival and in general:

  • Glass jewelry from Amy Burhoe. I may have to send this link to hubby for Mother's Day.
  • Boxed cards from Mariella Designs. Always nice to have on hand.
  • A pretty teacup and saucer by Sentou for breakfast on the patio.
  • Mommy Calling cards from Sophie and Spice. They just speak to me.
  • This T-shirt from SuperMaggie.
  • More re-usable shopping bags, but cuter than the ones I have from Target.
  • This Sigg water bottle.
  • These to die for sandals from Charles David.
  • This dress, this dress and this tank top from Old Navy.
  • A pendant from The Broken Plate.
  • Sugar scrub from Archipelago Botanicals.
  • More of these crafts for my son. It's hard to find things for boys! Everything I see in Wal Mart is knitting, sparkly and just all around girly. I bought him the airplane from the clearance section at Target.
  • A Wii Fit. I'm convinced my life will be perfect once I have one.
  • A new digital camera like this. Mine is a brick like the first cell phones.
I found some of this stuff while surfing through PinkPurpleandOrange.com. What a great site! I can (and did) spend a lot of time there. I added them to my Google Reader and will definitely go there to look for gifts and such. Much thanks to them! Anyone else have visions of shopping bags dancing in their heads?


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