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Friday, April 11, 2008

What an absolutely beautiful day! It's days and weather like this that make the high cost of living here worth it. Yesterday, after I dropped the kidling off at school I went for a walk. One of the best things about being on holiday (much better sounding than unemployed) is that I've been able to make exercise a priority. Well, at least more of a priority than it was before!

Today I went to my usual route at the beach between Canon and Tamarack. I've managed to go out three times this week. Hurray for me! Since I've been home I've lost a little weight. Not as much as I'd like or need to lose, but I'll take it. Came home, had brunch in the sun on the patio and did the job search thing. Nada.

While I was out today I had my usual thought of
who are all these people and why aren't they at work? I mean, I know why I'm at the beach at 10am on a Friday, but what's everyone else's story? Most are the obvious surfers and retirees. Then there are the other SAHM's with their strollers. But, some of the familiar faces I see I can't really pinpoint.

It got to bothering me so much that finally I just asked someone. A man and his so adorable you could eat it Chocolate Lab puppy were usually parked in the same spot and he didn't mind me cooing all over her. I introduced myself and he said that he, like me, was in the real estate industry and things were a bit slow. Aha. We exchanged sob stories and I went on my way.

I wonder how many of us there are? People from my former industry I mean. I met another mom this past Wednesday in the get your life together section of the book store. She's also been out of work since the end of last year. Maybe I can form some kind of networking support group. Or maybe not since all those other people are the same ones competing with me for a job!

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