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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I can't drink regular coffee. It has to be flavored. I can't drink coffee with out creamer (half and half too, but I can live with out it). My creamer has to be the same flavor as the coffee or I can't drink it. French Vanilla coffee = French Vanilla Creamer.

What are your random quirks?
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  1. My most bizarre and upsetting quirk? I take complete and total credit for the new surge in popularity of the word "quirky." I know this isn't the case. I know quirky has been around longer than I've been alive. I don't care. Every time I see it, I feel a tinge of smugness followed abruptly by a tinge of "OMG, you really ARE crazy, aren't you?"

  2. mmmm that's the same coffee flavor I use. I really love a hot "home made" latte in the early afternoon hours, on a cold winters day. I sometimes use the syrup they use in the stores to really make it work for my taste buds.

    My quirk.. a messy foyer or entry way. I can't stand to walk in my house and see everyones outer wear and school bags strewn about. I do have coat hooks, shoe racks and a place for the bag but somehow they seem to miss those every time. Crazy kids!! :-)

  3. I second the messy entry way! But to add (cuz I'm really quirky) I have to have the counters clean too. (can't stand sticking to them while reading the mail)

  4. I can't look under toilet rims. I have to close the toilet lid at all times to ward off unwanted glimpses.

    And if it's open, and something drops on the floor and I know I'll be at eye level with the toilet, I close my eyes.

  5. I brush my teeth if I have to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

    In general I brush my teeth about 6-8 times a day.

  6. I dont like onion bagels. But I like the bagel that was NEXT TO the onion bagel in the bag... :)

  7. ME, TOO! I can't drink coffee without the vanilla. Even the tea I had the other day at Coffee Bean was Vanilla!

    Have to meet for coffee (or tea) again soon!

  8. I don't drink coffee...but I have to drink Coke from a glass. I just can't drink from a can...can't do it:P

  9. When my ears get cold I fold them until they warm up. Yeah, I know -- a little TOO weird, right? But I don't have any cleanliness quirks, sorry.


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