Overheard: Tyler Explains Being Biracial

Friday, August 14, 2009

"My mommy is brown and my dad is white.
They mixed together and made my color."


  1. Man, your kid is not only cute, but he's super courageous. I'm mixed too, and felt that I had to sometimes identify with one or the other when the time called for it. Hopefully, the world is becoming more accepting as we expand. Also, really enjoyed your blog before this one. Where's the Hispanic princess?! ;)

  2. I love how to children, it is just, yeah, whatever, I am this or that... So innocent and simple. And btw, he is beautiful!!

  3. How refreshing!! I am bi-racial and my son is too. He is really, really light compared to me. People always assume I'm the nanny when we're out... LOL Anyway, great blog and thanks for sharing your adventures!!

  4. my girls are mixed too, their dad is Filipino and very dark.

    One day my middle one came home almost crying saying "it is no fair, dad is black you are white and I am brown"

    I then explained that mixed colors are pretty and you share little bits of each parent more or the traits stand out more


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