Blog Stats, Traffic and Followers: The Only Way to Measure Reach?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Are your blog stats holding you back?

A few weeks ago I submitted my blog to be considered for a product testing opportunity. I was really excited because the product is something I feel I need, I can see myself using for more than just its intended purpose and really feel would impact my life greatly.

The PR company sent a survey asking about my traffic, other stats and any accolades I have received. Basically, they wanted to know how popular I am. I submitted my answers and knew I probably won't have a shot at participating. I'm bummed because I know I can give a really thorough review based on the areas I see myself using this product. I've already got several post ideas as to how I would use it. Now I'm not so sure I'll get the chance.

The panel I'm participating in Saturday at Blissdom is about advertising. Working with the other panelists on the presentation got me thinking about blog stats and traffic and how those things are measured. In my mind, blog numbers don't always paint an accurate picture of a person's influence.

So many of us have smaller, personal blogs with low numbers comparatively. But, so many of us are on the PTA, lead girl scouts, are active in our childrens' classrooms, on their sports teams, we volunteer, we have busy social lives, etc. etc. And, if we're active within our social media circle, then there's even more of a chance something we talk about will also be talked about by other influencers. 

I hear so many times that PR and brands want to develop long lasting relationships with us, but the first questions I'm asked are almost always about my stats. It's frustrating and I feel like I'm caught in a vicious circle: my blog isn't big enough for some opportunities but the chance to talk about those opportunities could help my blog grow. I'm not sure what the formula needs to be to include other avenues of influence, but I hope someone figures that out soon.

I'm hoping some of the things I pick up at Blissdom will help me find a way to make the most of the opportunities that do come my way, and open the door to new ones. How have you overcome the stats challenge? What have you done to help you get noticed?

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  1. I vacillate between caring and not caring, but if I really and TRULY cared, I would have jumped off a bridge years ago! ; )

  2. I hope you can provide us with whatever information you gain.

  3. Mel--This is the writing you need to do. You are so knowledgeable and intelligent about this stuff. I think it is your niche and how you can grow your blog.

  4. Hi Mel, We met breifly at Blissdom. Hope to spend more time getting to know you. Great blog.

    Blog stats drive me nuts becasue WP has one number, clciky has another, google analytics another. Who do you trust?

  5. @foolery- I try not to care, but the business side of blogging forces me to.

    @Ann- I'll try to do it all justice.

    @Jenn- Thanks, I will be writing a bit more about social media.

    @Robin- Yes! That's another thing. How many people give the stats from the service that make them look the best?!

  6. Thanks for raising this issue and topic. Some of us are on the fence about blogging for passion and/or profit and need to know the facts. Blog analytics play an important role with advertising partners. However, bloggers influence and reach are across multiple SM channels, our blog, Twitter, FB, Social Media Groups and "live" events and conferences. that 360 degree view is hard to measure. I encourage you to be true to yourself and blog anyway. I'm a fan!

  7. Now, I find myself throwing in the fact that I wrote a MDB (like hello, do you know who I am??), otherwise it makes it hard to do anything. That's why I'm working on branding my name more than the blogs I create, because at any moment, I may have to put it down for something new.

  8. wrote AT MDB*

    Sorry for the typo!


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