Childproof - Until They Can Read

Thursday, December 9, 2010

regulatephoto © 2010 anna | more info (via: Wylio)
From the 'funny things my kid says' files: 

Tyler just got over bronchitis. When he started his medicine I reminded him that he's not allowed to take it by himself. One night at bedtime he offered to open the cough syrup for me. I let him try knowing he wouldn't be able to. He asked why the top was just spinning and I explained what child proofing is and why it's used with medicine. 

A few nights later I told him to get ready for bed and that I'd be down shortly to give him his medicine before he brushed his teeth. When I got downstairs I saw him put the bottle down really quickly and he had that guilty 'I just did something' look on his face.

Tyler: Mom, can I ask you a question?

Me: Sure.

Tyler: If the people who make medicine don't want kids to be able to open the bottles, why do they print the instruction on the top of the lid? 

Me: That's an excellent question. You figured out how to open this, didn't you?

Tyler: [looking sheepish] Yes. [then excited] Wanna see me?

I had to laugh.


  1. Gabi's starting to read all the little things around her, and while it's so cool to see her taking it all in, it's also makes me nervous for things JUST LIKE THIS, lol. A smart one, indeed!


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