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In the Dressing Room with a 5 Year Old

Monday, June 16, 2008

My search for the tankini was a bust. I settled on this instead: board shorts and a bikini top. I've got the butt and stretch mark coverage I need, and I don't have to worry about the bottoms creeping into no man's land.

Mervyn's has all swim stuff on sale 50% off this week so very little guilt involved. In the dressing room, my son had an "out of the mouth of babes" moment while I tried on the bikini top:

Drama Kid: [hee hee hee]

Me: What's so funny?

DK: You have two nip*les.

Me: No I don't, there's just the one.

DK: [pointing] Well, what are those, straws?

Me: [trying not to laugh] No honey. Those are ni*ples, but babies can drink from them. We talked about this before, remember? (I could have explained the nip*le vs. areola but didn't want to go there)

DK: Well, whatever they are they're embarrassing me. You need to cover those things up.

Me: [gave up on not laughing] Would it help you if I turn around?

DK: Yes, thanks Mommy.

OMG! It was hilarious. We've had the body parts talk and he knows the proper names so where he came up with straws, I don't know.

I told Drama Dad this story and his reaction was that DK is getting too old to be around me when I'm in the buff or topless.

At what age do we stop taking little boys into the dressing room? When are they old enough to wait outside (and more to the point, stay put!)?

Have you started to cover up more at home? Discuss.

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Bathing Suits, What I Ate and a Secret

Thursday, June 5, 2008

School is out in 5 days and I know I'll be spending lots of time at our pool (free entertainment!) I thought I should get one more suit so I'm not always washing the one already have. So, I went bathing suit shopping Tuesday.

It was awful. Horrible. Demoralizing. I tried on 8 suits at Marshall's and hated them all. If I could wear this I'd have no problems:

But alas, this body ain't a bikini body. My quest for something like this continues:

I did not, however, come home empty handed:

Ahhhh! Isn't it fabulous? I love, love, love it. Only $20! I've been looking for a purple jewelry box for the longest time. Shhh, don't tell my husband. It's in the trunk of my car for now.

And here's what I ate Tuesday and yesterday:

4 grapes
Half a cantaloupe
My smoothie
1 bottled water with Crystal Light To Go fruit punch flavor
8 Sprees
Chicken nuggets
French fries
Baked beans
12-15 gummi bears (I lost count, Weeds is such a great show!)

Half a cantaloupe
Half a multi grain bagel, toasted with peanut butter
1 mug Chai tea latte
2 bowls of homemade chili over spaghetti, sprinkle of cheddar and 4 crackers
1 mug Tazo Apple tea
1/4 cup chocolate caramel trail mix

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