In the Dressing Room with a 5 Year Old

Monday, June 16, 2008

My search for the tankini was a bust. I settled on this instead: board shorts and a bikini top. I've got the butt and stretch mark coverage I need, and I don't have to worry about the bottoms creeping into no man's land.

Mervyn's has all swim stuff on sale 50% off this week so very little guilt involved. In the dressing room, my son had an "out of the mouth of babes" moment while I tried on the bikini top:

Drama Kid: [hee hee hee]

Me: What's so funny?

DK: You have two nip*les.

Me: No I don't, there's just the one.

DK: [pointing] Well, what are those, straws?

Me: [trying not to laugh] No honey. Those are ni*ples, but babies can drink from them. We talked about this before, remember? (I could have explained the nip*le vs. areola but didn't want to go there)

DK: Well, whatever they are they're embarrassing me. You need to cover those things up.

Me: [gave up on not laughing] Would it help you if I turn around?

DK: Yes, thanks Mommy.

OMG! It was hilarious. We've had the body parts talk and he knows the proper names so where he came up with straws, I don't know.

I told Drama Dad this story and his reaction was that DK is getting too old to be around me when I'm in the buff or topless.

At what age do we stop taking little boys into the dressing room? When are they old enough to wait outside (and more to the point, stay put!)?

Have you started to cover up more at home? Discuss.

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  1. Hmmm... we still do the in-the-buff thing around here. Until they start feeling uncomfortable, or I do, I'll keep it this way. It's sort of only a big deal if we *make* it a big deal, right? But, I'm thinking that 5-6 might be time for some privacy. Tough though with the waiting outside. Maybe he can be in the adjacent dressing room?

    BTW, cute suit.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the Alanis contest.
    I love the swimming suit.
    Cute story.
    I think it's a personal decision. Every home and its inhabitants are unique.

  3. I stopped when Matt was around two, but that was just for my comfort - he noticed some of my parts were different than some of his parts. Ummm, hokay. Time to stay clothed for me. LOL.

  4. Too funny! Thanks for visiting my blog (and commenting!), and I'm wondering how you found me....

    But...this little story? Reminded me of when I still took showers w/my daughter (when we were at the beach, to get the sand washed off both of us quickly). She was around 5 when she started staring at "parts" and it creeped me out!! She'd have this funny look on her face, so I figured the "cover up" was due. With my sons, I just can't remember. I guess around that age, too.

    I still have walked around w/a bra and towel wrapped around my waist, and I usually get a "Nice, Mom" in a dry tone of voice if I do (they're 11 & 14).

    Ooooo, and give him toys to play with and let him hang in the dressing room next door where you can hear him/see his shadow! :)


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