Works for me Wednesday- Repurpose Your Business Card Case

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My last job was the first time I ever had business cards of my own and didn't have to handwrite my name on the blank ones. So I went to the Coach outet and bought a super cute leather case in pink (purple came out later, grrr!).

Then I lost my job and all that cuteness stayed in the bottom of my purse like an old pack of gum. So I've given it new life.

The first is not much of a stretch as it involves business cards. I started keeping all the appointment cards from the doctor, dentist, pediatrician, nail salon, hair salon etc. so I have the office name and address of all our important contacts handy. Yes, I have them in my Palm and cell. But it was invaluable when I dropped my Razr (cheap piece of crap!). It died and I had to re-enter all my contacts into the new phone.

The second re-purpose came to me on a night out. I wanted to take a small clutch but didn't like the idea of my cash, ID and credit card loose inside.
I emptied all the above business cards and it fits everything perfectly. The case is easy to find in a dimly lit bar and I don't have to worry about something falling out while I'm digging for my lip gloss.

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  1. Good recycling and reusing. Happy WFMW!

  2. That is an excellent idea. I get business cards from people all the time and they end up in the bottom of my purse. Great idea.

    Have a great day!

  3. Cute purse! Thanks for the tips!


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