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Saturday, June 14, 2008

**Comments are now closed. Winner announced tomorrow**

TA DA! What do you think of the new look? I adore it! The wonderful ladies at Be Design put this together for me and I couldn’t be happier. To celebrate, I’m having a little giveaway! Woo Hoo! Free stuff!

I was very anal particular about what I wanted and really put Christy through the wringer making sure it came out exactly the way I pictured it in my head. She was SO patient with me. I know I was a royal pain and I really appreciate all her hard work. Thanks Christy!

I had another name picked out, Strawberry Doorbells, but decided against it. I couldn't come up with a design I liked better than this one and couldn't explain the inside joke publicly (thanks Jen!). So, I stuck with my attempt at a pun instead and I hope you like it as much as I do.

Thanks also go to 5 Minutes for Mom for helping me spread the word about the contest on 5 Minutes Around the Blogosphere.

Yeah,yeah, OK, get to the prizes already! One winner will receive a $10 Starbucks card, $10 Target card and a gift certificate to Be Designs for 50% off any service!

I would love it if you’d have a look around, give me feedback or leave a suggestion as to what type of content you'd like to see. Or help me with my diet. Or my cat situation.Or leave me a book suggestion. Or a movie suggestion. Or, head over to Be Designs and get to know Christy and Beth and their work before you win. Or help spread the word on your own site (be sure to tell me if you do so I can thank you profusely!).

But I won’t make that a condition to enter. Because I’m nice like that.

1. To enter, please leave a comment on this post only

2. The contest is open to US residents and runs from Sunday 6/15 to Friday 6/20

3. Comments will close at 11:59pm on Friday. A winner will be chosen at random on Saturday and notified here and through email. The winner has until Monday 6/23 to respond or an alternate will be chosen
5. Tell me a shoe story: how many pairs you have, what's favorite pair,
your favorite brand anything you like as long as it's about shoes (pure selfishness on my part, more interesting than "enter me")
4. Anonymous comments will be deleted, I need a way to get in touch with you!

*Update: You do not have to have a blog to win. If the winner is a non blogger, can we agree to draw another name for that portion of the prize? I think that's fair, yes?

Thanks so much for stopping by to see my new look and good luck!
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  1. I love it! This is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I own about four pairs of pair of flip flops, one pair of dress shoes, one pain of running shoes, and one pair of Land's End All-Weather Mocs. The only pair I wear out of those four pairs of shoes though, are my all-weather mocs, and I have been wearing the same pair for nearly five years now. They are faded and worn, but I haven't been able to find another pair that fits like they did, not even from Land's End. I think they must have changed their styling. I am hoping this pair of shoes will hold together long enough for me to be able to find a suitable replacement pair, though I have ordered numerous pairs of shoes, with no success so far.

    Thanks for hosting a giveaway.

    michelle at northofthe49 dot com

  3. Hi, I'm here from a link on 5 Minutes for Mom- I LOVE your look. I have been pondering a new look for my blog for a while now, but the cost makes me stop. I'd so love to win. (I do love the current look of mine, but it's awfully Fall-like.)

    Shoes- I HAD probably 75 pairs. A couple weeks ago I cleaned out the closet and got rid of an entire garbage bag of shoes that were ratty, no longer fit or just ugly. I still have way too many shoes, but I don't miss the ones I ditched.

  4. Hi. Found you through 5 minutes for mom, and I really love what I see so far! Daily life, ups, downs, and all-arounds. I love the look of your blog, too. Very nice photo of you.

    Shoes - I have over 30 pairs, which isn't much compared to some women. Gotta have tennies, flip-flops, casual shoes, boots, dress shoes, etc. My husband says he only needs two pairs of shoes. Well, yeah. He's a guy! He has no clue!

    I'd love to enter your contests.

  5. I love this site design - it's attractive without being overwhelmingly busy.

    I have probably 30 pairs of shoes. Many purchased by my dear husband - gotta have one for each sport - bowling, golf, etc. etc. But I never have the perfect shoes, and when I get them, I wear them out way too fast.

    And oh yeah - PICK ME!

  6. It looks fabulous! THanks for the contest!

  7. Ooh, let me win! I just got on the waiting list at Be Design! All their designs are so good (Including this one!) - I can't wait to see what they dream up for me!

    Shoes: I think I have about 30 pairs. That's boots, flip-flops, and everything!

  8. Hi Melanie! Thanks so much for the nice words. It was truly a pleasure to work with you on your design!!

    I don't think I'm eligible to win, so I'll just leave it at that :)

    My favorite shoes are a pair of Born leather sandals. They have a nice tread on the bottom which is nice because the terrain around our house is rough. They're cute and functional :)

  9. shoes. I'm new to loving shoes. Ever since I found What Not to Wear, I've gone from zero interest to loving all types of shoes. And heels. Never thought I'd be into heels, but I am.


  10. Yay you! I LOVE seeing individualized blog designs! It says so much about a person!

    Okay. LOVE the sassy purple top - the coffee - the book - the SHOPPING BAGS!

    Shoes - DO I have to go count? Or can I guess? 40 pairs? 50? LOVE Born sandals and sexy heels....

    I don't need any blog work - but Starbucks and Target? Um - yah. Sign me up!

  11. You are nice like that! My shoe sob story... I have LARGE feet. Like a men's 10.5 large so pretty, girly shoes really don't work out for me. Plenty of sensible shoes in my closet, yessiree.

  12. I am embarassed actually. I own about 60 pairs of shoes and the kicker is I just bagged up about 20 pair for my next yard sale. I am one of those who goes for cuteness over comfort. Yes my name is toni and I need shoeaholics anoymous!

  13. I love the look! Ok shoes, I have about 6 pairs I wear often. When you entered our house my hubby wants shoe to come off so I end up having a pile of shoes by the door and it drives my husband crazy! Our entry way is small :)

  14. First of all, I LOVE your new look. Holy hot! I'm so in need of a new look... blog look that is. Or maybe real life look too.

    A shoe story? My weakness is kids shoes. Why, oh why are those little things so darn cute? My son wears Crocs (way too much if you ask me) and I keep buying these cool sneakers and flip flops, and he goes for the dang Crocs. Oh and the joys of little girls' shoes. Sparkly? Sporty? Girly? Flowery? Love them all (not the kind with heels though, not for little girls). Kind of makes me want to go to Stride Rite now.

  15. My shoe story happened today. We have had a bunch of rain in the Midwest which turns into mud on most of the sidewalks. I was walking my son today in my flip-flops and slipped on the mud. Luckily I was holding onto the stroller and was able to catch myself. Needless to say my son thought it was alot of fun.

  16. Wow, I love your new blog design! It's so eye-catching and sophisticated! Hmmm, I would really love to get more shoes. I guess I have around ten pairs, but first I need a bigger closet!

  17. sign me up for target/starbucks.
    I have a shoe story about my friend... she loves flip flops she has 2-3 laundry baskets full of them.. maggie_kunkel at yahoo dot com

  18. I love the look. I always appreciate a photo--I want to know what my blog friends look like!

    Today I wore my beautiful cream and black peep toe heels to not one but two graduation ceremonies and climbed from the top to the bottom of Cox arena in them twice (damn needing to go to the bathroom), so right now my favorite shoes are my Karen Neuberger tempurpedic slippers!

  19. I already entered yesterday but wanted you to known I blogged about your contest over at A Daily Dose of Toni check it out in my Blog contest post. Thanks for having such a great giveaway.

  20. Since I just gave birth to my third baby a few weeks ago, right now I'm simply glad that I can wear my shoes again! The last month or so of pregnancy my feet swelled up like marshmallows on a roasting stick, making it impossible for me to wear anything but my sneakers. I'm so glad to be able to put my normal-sized feet into regular shoes again.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Love your blog. I own about 100 pairs of shoes in all shapes and styles. Currently my favorite pair is probably my Steve Madden Espadrille peep toe wedges in chocolate! love it! Thanks for putting me in the giveaway!

  22. I like your site - I came here from Tip Junkie.

    I just moved and I don't know how many shoes there are... I just know it took a lot of suitcases to hold them all!

    I need caffeine!

  23. oh my gosh, i adore shoes. i just cleaned out my closet and got rid of tons i don't wear anymore but i still have a closetful or shoes (literally). the first place i head in every store is the shoe department. and it doesn't matter what kind they are: flip flops, stilettos, wedges, sneakers...i love em all!

    thanks for the contest :)

  24. count me in.

    Shoes....? Well right now I'm sportin' a black medical shoe...Not cool. And does NOT go with anything.

    Love the blog design. I'm checking Be Design right now.

  25. OH I love shoes. I just can't afford the ones I want. My husband doesn't understand why I'm always on the lookout for more shoes.
    Book suggestions: A Mighty Heart by Mariane Pearl, Bonds That Make Us Free by Terry Warner, In The Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez.
    cest_jambon AT hotmail

  26. Ah! I absolutely LOVE shoes...flip flops in particular, but anything unique always gets me too! My favorite shoe is the Nike Free Mary Jane SI shoe. ADORABLE and super comfortable!

    Oh and I found your blog through Tip Junkie!

  27. Hi, what a cute site! About my shoes...I have no idea how many I have. I own about 5 pairs of flip flops, about 8 pairs of heeled-going-out shoes, 2 pairs of tennis shoes, and a multitude of flats.

    My favorite pair is probably ones I just bought at Mervyn's of all places! They're black wedge shoes and the inside of the black fabric is black and white gingham. Sooo cute!

    What a fun contest too!

  28. Thanks for the great contest!

    Ok, this may disqualify me, but I'm really NOT a shoe person. (I know, I know ... I can hear the GASPS from here!) But I really don't care about shoes. If it fits and matches reasonably well, I'm good to go. Shame on me, I know. ~LOL~

  29. I have to say that I think my hubby owns more pairs of shoes than I do! Pathetic I know! I do wear most of mine though- most of his are old and he just seems to keep them around. My favorite pair though are of course the most comfortable - my spongy flip flops. I bought these during my first trimester of my pregnancy & I still wear them.

    Love your page by the way.

  30. Great site! I love it!

    I usually find one pair of shoes that i love best (regardless of how many pairs i have) and will where them ALL he time. When the shoes wear out, I pick a different favorite pair.

  31. Glad to help! Everyone loves a great giveaway. Congrats on the new look - love it!


  32. Now that is an amazing banner! You have brought "Mel-o-drama" to a wonderous height. Was that due to the stilleto's? wink

    Ok, I will behave. I only have maybe 15 pairs of shoes or so these days. When you begin to age and keep adopting children you find little "support" for such goodies. Okay, I had to throw one more pun in. But YOU started it! I do love coffee.[_])

  33. Hi! - I;m 38 years old and just now beginning to wear flip-flops! Yes, I always had "sensitive feet" and thought that flip-flops would give me blisters between my toes! My friend "made" me keep wearing them last summer and I got so used to wearing them that I LOVE flip-flops now, and went out and bought like 3-4 pairs! Thank goodness they are not expensive!! I'm sure I shared way too much info! Anyway, you have a cute blog and I am going to go snoop around! :o) Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  34. I love your new design!

    I love shoes, but never seem to find many I enjoy.

  35. I think the layout is really cute! And the pun, my, that's clever. :D

    I have 5 pairs of shoes, being a woman, I know that's shocking. lol I just bought a new pair of sandals that I just love and they were only $7! Woohoo!

    My blog needs a new design so I would love to be entered for that. :D

  36. I found your blog from 5minutesformom and I love this blog design! When your paying for a custom blog its okay to be picky!
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    I would recommend reading Any Bitter Thing, I read it and liked it!

  37. Love, Love your new design. They do such a good job don't they?
    I have about 35 pairs of shoes, but my HUSBAND has more than I do. He has to match them to his outfits. Such a girl.

  38. I love the design!
    Shoes? I'm just not quite a shoe person. Anything that just slips on is perfect ;)

  39. I like the design a lot. Very Snazzy and Sassy.
    I am intrigued by Strawberry Doorbells, is it bad I think nipples? Probably.

    Oh well.

    I love flip flops, I am addicted to flip flops. They can be worn year round and they're so comfortable and versatile. I don't like close toed shoes. There you have it:-)

  40. Love your new design. Beautiful. I once owned 45 pairs of shoes. It's down to about 20 now. I love to wear high heels, but save them for special occasions now that I'm a mom. I'd never be able to keep up with my son. I'm really glad it's summer now because I also love to wear sandles. Wish I could wear then all year 'round, but the snow gets too deep here.

  41. I am in love with flip flops... They are the most comfortable shoes ever!!!

  42. I hopped on from Spoonfullofsarah, my daughter, because I read one of your comments & your profile and thought you might be her twin that I never got to birth! You two are alot alike.
    Anyways, the shame for all the above comments for not liking SHOES, how can this BE? I recently have become an addict of Sofft brand shoes. The summer styles are not so very fashionable, but if you are a working gal, then the comfort of the slides or the wedges or the 3" pumps are beyond real! They are like wearing slippahs....ohhh.

    I have to hide new shoes when I bring them home. Hubby doesn't get it.
    As for your contest, I'd say, this is a really great one from what I've seen of blog contests. The Be Design is a good incentive. I'll see what I can do to post about it.

  43. Hai! I'm Adrienne, I also posted a suggestion for your kitty problem! OH and I would love to suggest the movie 'PS I Love You' OMG Greatest movie that has come out lately. It was sooo goooooood! I pretty much cried the whole time, watched it with the boyfriend and he even teared up!

    Oh and shoes, I am one of those tomboys who wear skate shoes! haha, I actually just acquired TWO NEW pairs of shoes (Its really a step up when I have been wearing the same shoes for the past year and a half...). Anyway, it really took a lot of guts for me to finally get some new shoes, I talked myself into some flats they're sketchers and polka dotted, I work at Kohl's and I get a discount and such so that was a really good excuse, they were also on clearance, the second pair of shoes that I bought were Vans, Yes they're skate shoes however, they're the girly style ones and so, they're pretty cute. I do have some heels but, never have any reason to wear them.

    Anyway, I do scrapbooking... and that my friend, is a really addicting hobby to get into, for me, its way more addicting than clothes and shoes and all of that. haha. see you around

  44. I was never interested in shoes until I went to China last year. Being on a full floor of really cute high heels changed my ways. Of course, in China, my feet were ginormous compared to the normal foot, but I did find a pair I could squeeze into and bring home.

  45. I have a lot of shoes but only one pair that are truly comfortable. I wear that one pair everywhere I go even though they are almost worn out. I just want another pair exactly like my comfy ones.
    pintolinda (at) hotmail (dot) com

  46. Thanks for having such a cool contest.

    My mother has anywhere from 75-100 pairs of shoes. She did have more than that but she can no longer wear really high heels (3-4") so we got rid of those. Still, she has all her low heels and flats. She is a shoe-aholic. Its her addiction. I bought her a pillow that says " If the shoe it in every color" which is her motto.
    Good Luck Everyone!!

  47. I love your new design. I have about 12 pairs of shoes right now. I just donated a bag full to a charity last week. I love high heels and flip flops the most. Thanks!

  48. When I had to start wearing orthodics, I pretty well lost interest in shoes. I do like New Balance Athletic shoes though and they accommodate my orthodics well.

  49. I have several dozen pairs of shoes. I love my sneakers the best tho as I am always on my feet.

  50. love the site. everything layed out so easy. great giveaway i mean fantastic!!!
    ok shoes i would be most happy not wearing any. i just have the most comfortable for work,one dress pair and about 6 pairs of sandals.

  51. Hi, Mel. I love your blog header. It's very striking. I wish I would have seen your contest post earlier and I would have blogged about it!!! Maybe next time. Good luck with everything.

  52. love the new site design Mel! looks like you read the same magazines i do too :)

  53. I have 10 pairs of shoes. My favorite pair is my hiking boots. They represent a day of freedom in the woods.

  54. Great new look! I have about a dozne pairs of shoes.

  55. I am a flip flop woman, I love them with a lotta bling. I love when my toesnails have been painted and have crystals on my flip flops. I went to the Dr's office and he said to me "It is Nov. and your still wearing flip flops?'
    Count me in to win

  56. Love, love, love the new design!!! I have a funny story about my never-ending shoe collection. I was cleaning out and organizing my shoes one day. My husband walked in and said "There must be over one hundred pairs of shoes here!", to which I responded, "Yep, One hundred twenty-three!". He was stunned...and asked me to implement a 100-pair limit. He wants me to throw or give a pair away each time I get a new pair! Yikes and no way I told him!!! :)

  57. I don't own a whole lot of shoes but that's because I power walk a lot and don't want to ruin decent shoes by power walking in them. I like black shoes the most especially black sneakers. And any type of shoe that is comfortable to walk in. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

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