The Dark Knight- So, So Good!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

First, let me get this off my chest: Being a parent means life often passes you by. There are movies you don't get to see until they are on DVD. Concerts you don't go to. Spontaneous weekends with friends that you have to pass on (have fun in Vegas girls! I demand pictures of Sunday's outing!).

It sucks. Believe me I know. But it happens when you decide to procreate. There are going to be times when you sit on the sidelines while others have all the fun.

An 8:00pm movie will most likely be filled with with adults. Adults on dates. Adults without kids. Adults who do have a son and even though they don't have a lot of family nearby were able to leave him at home with his grandmother who took the train down to visit and enjoy their first movie at the theater in about a month. Your crying babies are not appreciated!

So, on behalf of those of us who WERE able to get a sitter, do not bring your infants and toddlers to the movies. I have zero sympathy for you and I will give you dirty looks and I will make comments not-so-under-my-breath.

Back to the movie. Go see The Dark Knight. It was really good! This movie is not for kids. It is not Michael Keaton's campy Batman. It is dark and violent. But Heath Ledger and Christian Bale do an excellent job.

I do have one complaint. It's minor but I hope the director of future films takes note. It will be interesting to see where the franchise goes next. No one will be able to play The Joker the way Heath does. He blew Jack Nicholson out of the water.
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  1. I keep hearing everyone speak about how good this movie is, and how great of an acting job Ledger did. I plan to make it my business to see this movie this weekend. Watch.

  2. I completely agree with you. He owned this role. He should win an oscar nomination for this one. It's sad that he'll never be able to see the success.

  3. A date night? With your husband? How divine! I'm so deserve it.

    I'm sure I'll be the mommy who sees Dark Knight on DVD :)

  4. Since I still have a dadgum toddler, I so feel you on seeing most stuff on DVD. Also? I'm with you on people who bring their too-little-to-sit-still-and-STFU kids to a movie. Spring for a babysitter, or stay your ass at home.

  5. I bet we could be a death stare duo that would be unparalleled!

  6. When we went to see SATC we were shocked to see small children coming out of the theater. It was the 10pm show and rated R--how is this even possible?!! It disgusted me that these parents couldn't either find a sitter or just not go.

    Glad you liked Dark Knight. You should post this for Movie Madness on Tues.


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