Wordless Wednesday #12 - Playing Calvin Pool with Drama Dad

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


  1. I write about interesting and fun stuff for couples to do as part of my job as the guide to Newlyweds for About.com, and I have to say this should probably make the list. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I didn't know your foot had to be on the table to play! LOL. So fun!

  3. Which one of you got to be calvin and make up the rules? It looks like a fun way to play!

  4. Love the leg lifts. Is that a new way to play pool?

  5. I'm not a pool player, but that looks like fun.

  6. Looks like fun!

    We have a pool table and need some entertainment!

  7. @ABD - It was. We haven't played in a long time.

    @NGF - Sometimes I still feel like a newlywed!

    @KICJ - I think I won a few because Hubby broke one of the rules, not because of my pool skills. He's a shark!

    @ParkerFamily - The game we played with one foot on the table, both eyes closed and shooting with one hand was REALLY interesting!

    @Ryanne- We both made the rules. I decided to spare everyone the pictures of the more risque rules. You're welcome.

    @H+M+3- The behind the back shots are a lot harder now that I'm older and less flexible!

    @RMGales- It's better with a group, but the rules can get interesting when it's just you and a loved one!

    @Kim- We bought our table in place of a family vacation. Our neighbors love us!

  8. I LOVE your rules! That would save my husband from giving me "Pool instructions" whether I want him to or not. (he gives me golf instructions, weight lifting instructions, kite flying instructions, grilling instructions, sky diving instructions, channel surfing instructions...you get the picture)
    Honey, Love Ya, Mean it!

  9. Whoa. You two have some MOVES. Watch out DK, Mommy and Daddy might be making a little sister for you in the garage! ;)

  10. Does this qualify as an aerobic activity? It should. Nice legs, mama.


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