Safety Alert- Please Watch This Video Then Check Your Tires

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First, let me say I am not sharing this to scare anyone or sensationalize. I'd never heard of "expiration dates" for tires and I'm guessing many of you have not either. A good friend forwarded the video from ABC News to me this morning. It's long, but the information is very important and could literally be life saving.

After watching, I immediately checked my tires. I bought two new tires last Monday from Discount Tire. Their DOT numbers are 4508 and 4608.

The new tires are on the rear of the car, and the old rear tires are now on the front of the car. The front tire numbers are both 0607.

I will have Drama Dad help me check the spare when he gets home. I called Discount Tire and Matt (I think) was so helpful. He knew right away when I said that I had a question "about the numbers in the oval on my tires" what I was referring to and he confirmed the information in the video.

It's frustrating that as consumers we're responsible for seeking out and sharing this type of information. It blows my mind that a few hours ago I was completely unaware that I could unknowingly buy tires that, despite looking brand new, are a hazard and could potentially put my family and others at risk.

It is sad, shameful and maddening that any company would sell a tire known to be out of safe driving range. Please take a moment to check your tires and remember this information before buying your next set.

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