Mother's Day Gift Idea: Snaptotes *Update*

Monday, April 20, 2009

I got the Snaptotes backpack Friday and it's so cute! I used the photo Aaryn took of Tyler* at Cheri's pool last summer. It's one of my favorite pictures of him and one I knew would look great on the bag.

I love it! I'm glad I chose the black and white picture over the color. It looks good with the black bag. I like the extra pockets and the pen holders. I'm always digging for my pens and often give up and use lipliner. The attachment to hold keys is a nice touch.

It holds more than I thought it would. I normally use huge bags because I carry the world in my purse. This one fits enough for a developing country. I have room for all the essentials and a little to spare.

Now that I have it, I can't give it up. I was going to give it to my mom, but it's just too cute. I can't give one to her with out giving one to the other three Grandma's as well. In the interest of family harmony and to prevent them from not speaking to me, I'm going to consider it a Mother's Day gift to myself!

*Use code DRAMA15 for 15% off your Snaptotes order. Last day to order in time for Mother's Day is April 30th *

Thank you to Snaptotes for letting me show off my baby this way!

*Yep, that's his real name. We're going to be in a magazine, there's no use trying to hide it anymore!


  1. Damn, that IS really cute. Helps when your kid is gorgeous like T.

  2. From no pics to full disclosure in no time flat!


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